15 Super Sweet Love Language Gifts for Valentine’s Day

February 14th is right around the corner, and we’ve put together 15 Super Sweet Love Language gifts for Valentine’s Day to help you “speak” your lover’s language.  

Love Languages, a best-selling book written in 1992 by Gary Chapman, sorts loving actions into 5 main categories.  Touch, Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Gifts, and Quality Time are the primary ways people give or receive love.  Make sure to check out our other gift ideas for Love Languages next for more ideas on how to give a more meaningful gift. 

We’ve taken the five core love languages and cultivated a few creative and thoughtful gift ideas that may spark another idea or two for how to “speak” someone else’s language specifically on this romantic holiday. These gifts are gender neutral, but definitely won’t be enough without a little thought or preparation on your part.  Let’s take a look at these 15 super sweet Love Language gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.


Words of Affirmation Gifts

There are plenty of cards, little sweethearts, and stuffed plush toys with generic words, but if you’re looking for a truly unique gift for someone who’s Love Language is Words of Affirmation, here are a few thoughtful gift ideas.  

Capsule Letters

These cutie little pill capsules come with a blank piece of paper inside perfect for writing sweet messages.  A little intimidated about writing 90 thoughtful words? This capsule also comes in smaller sizes and the Greeting Card Poet has a few Valentine inspired “words” that you may find helpful.  

I Wrote a Book About You

Completely customize this book about your favorite person using the simple, but thoughtful prompts.  This is especially helpful if your own Love Language is not words and you find yourself lost in translation. 

Magnetic Poetry’s Little Box of Love Word Magnets

Give a Valentine’s Day gift of words that you can use all year long. Using the words on these clever magnets, leave your significant other a romantic message everyday. 

Touch Gifts

Oh there is plenty of snuggling happening on our favorite holiday for lovers, but if you want to step it up a notch, here are a few great ideas for the Love Language of Touch. 

Matching His/Her Robes

How fun is it to snuggle in matching robes?! Not too masculine and not too girly, but with all the sexiness of red and black, these buffalo print matching robes are sure to inspire all the cuddles on Valentine’s Day.

Lavender Massage Oil

For the gift of Touch, make sure you have the supplies for a great massage.   

Long Distance Touch Bracelets

Let your person know you are thinking of them with these long-distance touch bracelets that light up on the opposite end when you touch it.  Whether you are separated by miles and days, or by just a few hours during the workday, these clever bracelets will deliver a digital hug from afar.  

Quality Time Gifts

It’s not just about time, it’s about the quality of that time.  Which means a physical gift might be more challenging to wrap, but here are a few ideas for those with Quality Time as a Love Language.  

Pocket Scavenger

Plan a scavenger hunt that can be used in any city or town with this helpful Pocket Scavenger hunt guide. It’s clever opportunity to create a meaningful and unique moment that speaks volumes to your Quality Time lover.  


Give the gift of quality time all year long with a date deck that will inspire random and creative ideas for meaningful activities to do together. 

Uncommon Questions

You could go out, or you could stay in and have a thoughtful conversation.  Either way it is time well spent together. If you’ve been together for a while and think you know everything about your partner, try these uncommon questions for fresh conversation starters. 

Acts of Service Gifts

Let’s face it, service is hard to shop for, and it doesn’t always come in wrapping paper and bows. But we’ve found a few inspirational ideas that will assist YOU in serving THEM.  

Breakfast in Bed Tray

Start the day off in service mode with breakfast in bed for your favorite roommate. Plus, this gift can be used year round for moments when you just want to communicate love through a act of service.

Shower Steamers

If you can make something better for your significant other, you should. These Shower Steamers are sure to serve up a great morning or relaxing evening routine. 

Steak and Lobster Kit

You can go to dinner, or you can try your hand at making dinner. But serving up a evening of the very best will speak volumes to those with Acts of Service.

Gifts Gifts

This highly misunderstood Love Language is not about the cost of the gift or about the gift at all. Instead, Andrea A of PS I Love You reminds readers that Gifts, as a Love Language, is about communicating emotional love.   Here are a few thoughtful gift ideas that will sure to delight the heart of the recipient. 

Six Pack Bottle Holder

Fill this clever 6-pack with your lover’s favorite beer, soda, or wine-cooler for a unique gift that communicates you’ve been paying attention for a while. 

The Story of Us

With creative prompts, this book will help you document all of your special moments together. It’s a unique-to-you gift of memories, feelings, stories, and dreams you’ve had together as a couple.   

Custom Sound Wave

You could make a mix-tape of your favorite songs, or you could have your favorite song put in a creative art-form that’s both lyrically mysterious and meaningful.  

Are you familiar with Love Languages? If so, we want to know what is your best gift idea for Love Languages this Valentine’s Day? We want to know. Leave us a comment below. 

Author: Bone+Marrow