27 of the Best Board & Party Games by Enneagram Type

Unless you’re an outdoor athlete, winter lends itself to inside activities. This is why we have sorted 27 of the best board and party games by Enneagram type. Spending time with friends or family playing board games is also a fun way to speak someone’s Quality Time Love Language.  Speaking of Love Languages, if you’ve not checked out our Love Language Gifts you should check that out next.

When it comes to choosing a board or party game, Matthew Bolton’s Review of the 16 Best Board Games reminds readers that board games are a great opportunity to spend time with people in an age where plenty of our encounters are digital.  Also, when choosing a board game, it’s important to think about not only who you’re playing with, but also a game you’ll personally enjoy.  That’s why we’ve sorted the 27 of the best board and party games by Enneagram type to help you find a game or activity that might just fit your personality.

  • Are you more competitive or cooperative?

  • Do you prefer complex strategy or simple scoring?

  • Do you want to play solo or with a group of people?

All of these questions play into your personality type, and might reveal why you prefer certain games or activities over others.  Let’s get started exploring these 27 of the best board and party games by Enneagram type.  If you’re ready to jump straight to your number, click on the link below, but make sure to double back and check out the rest of the numbers–they might just make a fun or clever gift idea you can pin now, for later.

Enneagram One

Board Games for Enneagram Type One

Retro Series Scrabble

We’ve included this Retro Scrabble Set for Enneagram One because your success is completely based on your own skills, and other people’s errors are (finally) in your favor. 


Kanoodle includes 200 puzzles with hundreds of possible combinations, but only one right answer. It’s a solo game for the Enneagram 1 who will stop at nothing to find the perfect solution. 


Similar to Suduko, ColorKu challenges its players to logically fill the lines and the grids using 9 colored wooden marbles with no repeats.  With 104 puzzle cards, this beautiful, visual, and logical game can be played solo or with friends.  

Enneagram Two

Best Board Games for Enneagram Type Two

Friends and Neighbors
The Helping Game

Earn points by helping sounds a lot like what our Enneagram 2 friends may feel in real life. However, this clever game also teaches empathy, decision making, and creative problem solving.  A family-friendly game that helps develop actual life skills. 


Team3 is a cooperative team game where players are given a certain role, and must work together to build a structure.  This game requires good helpers, and we believe Enneagram Two’s are exactly who we need. 


Another team-based game, Pandemic encourages players to work together to save the world from disease. With certain strengths and strategy, this 60 minute cooperative and suspenseful game will rely on just how fast you can help. 

Enneagram Three

Best Board Games for Enneagram Three

Do You Know Me?

Was         ever suspended from school? 

Be the player with the most correct guesses about fellow players, and you win.  It’s a game designed to test how much you’ve been paying attention, and we know our Enneagram 3’s have been paying attention… 

The Chameleon

There is a secret word, and everyone knows it BUT the Chameleon.  Can you blend in, or will you get caught? It’s a great large group game that encourages an ability to hide in plain sight. 

The Lie Detector Game

This game includes a working lie-detector with voice analysis.  Players in the hot seat are asked questions with the goal to catch them in a lie. Being honest, or outsmarting the detector, wins the game. Lights and sound reveal the truth. 

Oh, and just in case this game makes anyone nervous, it comes with 126 questions if the blank questions are too risky. 

Enneagram Four

Best Board and Party Games for Enneagram Four

Happy Little Accidents

Turn a squiggle into a creative masterpiece or transform an abstract shape into a beautiful piece of art in this game. Finally, earn and award points for inspired creations.

What Do You Meme?

Create the funniest meme by captioning the cards in the photos of each round.  Your unique answer just may win the round. 

The Awkward Storyteller

Creative thinking is how you’ll win this game.  With a brief story plot, players ask the Storyteller questions that begin to build the story.  But it’s not all completely random–the Storyteller must create a story using unique prompts.  It’s group and shy-folk friendly game where originality and plot twists are exactly what is needed to win. 

Enneagram Five

Best Board and Party Games for Enneagram Five

I Should Have Known That!

Unlike ridiculously hard trivia games that intimidate most of us, this trivia game is filled with everyday questions like: What is the character limit for Tweets on Twitter? How long did Sleeping Beauty actually sleep? But you’re not rewarded in this game for answering questions correctly–instead you lose points for incorrect answers that you probably should have known.  If we can have teams, put an Enneagram 5 on ours. 

Fire in the Library

Play this game solo or with as many as 6 players (perfect for a more introverted 5). Rescue books and accumulate knowledge, but be advised–books increase with value all the way up to the immediate end when any wing of the library completely burns. 

Wit's End

Solve the riddles and brain teasers, and win the game.  This award-winning game includes categories of Teasers, Odd1Out, Sequences, and Wild Card giving a unique twist on this game of knowledge. 

Enneagram Six

Best Board and Party Games for Enneagram Six


Featured on our Enneagram 6 Gift List, this game is trying to kill you.  And our Enneagram 6’s are the most likely to not die.  


It’s a game designed to prepare you for every dangerous situation–imaginable and unimaginable.  But if you’re prepared, you can save the day.  

-Said every Enneagram 6 ever. 

Worst Case Scenario

Test your readiness to survive everyday life challenges–youth, school, dating, family, and more. Your Enneagram 6 survival instincts will ensure you win this game.

Enneagram Seven

Best Board and Party Games for Enneagram Seven


Creativity, imagination, and problem solving–no we’re not explaining a typical Enneagram 7, but the game Concept.  Play cooperatively or semi-cooperatively to share clues similar to Charades, but with images on the game board. Don’t worry, the points are far less important than having a great time, which is a Enneagram 7’s motto. 

New Phone, Who Dis?

Compete to create the funniest text message thread, which means you have to think fast and funny. A great group game for any spontaneous party night. 


Looking for the best comes naturally to the Enneagram 7, and in this game, that’s the skill you’ll need.  Not a traditional competitive game, but instead, create Totems of all your best characteristics. 

Enneagram Eight

Best Board and Party Games for Enneagram Eight


Build walls, break them down. All while pressing forward.  Be the first to travel across the board, and win this abstract strategy board game using all the natural skills of an Enneagram 8.  

Throw Throw Burrito

Part Dodge Ball, part card game, Throw Throw Burrito merges the best of both worlds. Match sets of cards faster than your opponents while ducking, dodging, and throwing airborne burritos.  Cards earn points, getting hit with a burrito loses points. 


Control a group of inhabitants on the island of Atlantis, which is in the process of sinking in the water. You need to get your people from the central island, made up of hexagonal tiles, over to the safe islands in the corners of the board. You must protect and defend–the very best parts of an Enneagram 8. 

Enneagram Nine

Convo and Chill

If traditional games are too tense (or risk a meltdown), Convo and Chill is a great alternative party game.  Pick a card, start an epic conversation. 


*Does not include a warm cozy blanket. 

Previously, On...

This TV trivia game is perfect for an Enneagram 9 who has enjoyed a good Netflix binge, and needs an excuse for the next one.  

Fog of Love

No one brings unity quite like an Enneagram 9, and this game is all about bringing people together. Plus, take on someone else’s personality for just a second as a strategy to make an unusual relationship work. 

Do you have a favorite board game? What is a must-have for any collection? Leave us a comment with your Enneagram type and your favorite game in the comments below. 

Author: Bone+Marrow