36 Insanely Thoughtful Graduation Gifts

Graduation is a special milestone and that’s why we’ve sorted 36 insanely thoughtful graduation gifts by Enneagram type to celebrate the graduate on their big day.  You already know we are a big fan of Enneagram gifts.  We love sorting gifts by each unique Enneagram type because nothing says “I love you” quite as much as nodding to someone’s unique characteristics in a subtle way with the perfect gift. 

This year is a unique year with COVID-19 cancelling many May graduations for high school and colleges alike.  That’s why, it’s even more important this year to grab a insanely thoughtful graduation gifts that will communicate all the pride and admiration you would have communicated in person, but will need to via the mail.  We are excited to feature Awesome Maps, which is a perfect gift for those beginning the journey into the world.  Plus we’ve got some of our handmade gifts by Enneagram Types, and have several ETSY sellers featured to show the love to our makers in our current economy.  

Take a scroll through all 9 types, or jump straight to your type using the links below.

Enneagram One

Finish Each Day Print

“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could.” Good advice for a young Enneagram 1 who might be chasing the never-ending lure of perfection.  Instead, challenge your graduate to let go of what is done, and to move forward in confidence of who they are created to be.

Round Circle Earrings

Oh we love the symbolism of a circle; it represents the totality, wholeness, and original perfection which makes these 14k gold fill earrings a lovely graduation gift for an Enneagram 1. 

Whatever You Are, Be a Good One

A book of wisdom and gentle encouragements–especially for those who stand up for what is good, noble, and right. 

Foldable Adventure Map

We love us a good journey map, and this one? Well, it’s foldable to keep it neat–perfect for a perfectionist. These maps include a Surftrip Map, Dive Map, Kitesurf Map, and Snowtrip Map.  Use the code BONEANDMARROW for 10% off your order.

Enneagram Two

Eleanor Crossbody Bag

Provide 75 school meals and fight childhood hunger all while getting this beautiful bag made of buttery soft vegan leather.  A great gift to really spoil an Enneagram 2.

Woman on a Mission Necklace

You know she’s going to change the world simply by loving the world so hard.  Recognize her mission and provide 25 school meals on her behalf with the purchase of this artisan-made necklace of recycled brass. 

Map of Love

Document all the sweet days and all the sweet travels and encourage the dreams of your favorite Enneagram 2 with this global map of love.  Use the code BONEANDMARROW for 10% off your order.

Personalized Handwritten Bracelet

This bracelet says, “I will always need you,” and that’s true for our Enneagram 2 friends. Customize it with your own handwriting, or with the handwriting of someone special in their life.

Enneagram Three

AVA Leather Purse

Is this not a jaw-dropping purse? Black, trendy, yet always in style, this is the perfect “well done” gift for any graduating Enneagram 3. Plus, it accomplishes another world-changing goal by feeding 50 meals to people in poverty. With promise to take you everywhere you need to go, this is the gift our achievers deserve.

Minamalist Map

A little cooler than most maps is why this gem landed on our Enneagram 3 graduation gift list.  Use the code BONEANDMARROW for 10% off your order.

100 Day Goal Journal

Your graduate may have a goal, but do they have a plan to get there? If not, this 100 Day Goal Journal will give macro and micro prompts for accomplishing that big goal. Because the only way to eat an elephant sized goal, is one bite at a time. 

Make Your Bed

The theroy is based on popular 2014 commencement ceremony speech where (ret) Admiral William H.  McRaven challenged graduates to start their day making their bed.  It’s a must-read for young leaders in the making.

Enneagram Four

Color Your World Map

We love the metaphor of a map to color, design, and create.  It seems like the perfect gift for an Enneagram 4 graduate who will do the same for the world. Use the code BONEANDMARROW for 10% off your order.

Brooklyn Sketchbook Project

Order a sketchbook, fill it up, and send it back to us to be a part of the world’s largest collection of artist sketchbooks. It’ll then be cataloged into the Brooklyn Art Library system where the author will be able to track where it travels.  A unique gift that will speak to all the unique gifts the Enneagram 4 brings to the world.

The Man in the Arena Print

It’s not the critic who counts–Brene Brown shares this quote changed her life after her popular TedX talk on the power of vulnerability.  Our Enneagram 4 graduates need to hear this message early and often.

Fingerprint Necklace

There is nothing more unique than a fingerprint–we all have our own.  Remind the Enneagram 4 graduate that their identity is precious, unique, and stunning with this one-of-a-kind gift.

Enneagram Five

World Fact Scratch Map

No one else is going to collect facts quite like an Enneagram 5, and this world map of interesting and random facts is exactly what the observing graduate needs.  Use the code BONEANDMARROW for 10% off your order. 

If God Gave Your Graduation Speech

Truth and wisdom packed into a unique perspective.  This book, coupled with a gift-card or cash, will win the heart of your Enneagram 5 graduate.  

Words of Wisdom

For a more thoughtful gesture, grab a custom jar and pack it full of wisdom from the graduates closest friends and family. It’s going to be a lifetime of learning, and this Enneagram 5 is just getting started.

Per Ardua Ad Astra T-Shirt

You know what we love about this t-shirt? That it’s in Latin, but also it says, “Through adversity to the Stars.”  An Enneagram 5 is not always going to be able to escape the hard parts of life, but challenging him or her to push through will be the greatest gift they’ll recieve. 

Enneagram Six

Brave Bracelet

Courage and confidence.  Two words Enneagram 6’s are well aware of as they have to embrace both everyday.  This Brave Bracelet will inspire and encourage your Enneagram 6 as they navigate a new season.

Graduation Keepsake Print

This moment might not look the same, but it’s hard-earned anyway. Document the present moment for your Enneagram six. Got a son gradating? Grab a masculine version here

Bucket List USA Map

Oh it’s okay to stick close to home.  There’s a whole lot of things to see in the USA.  Grab a bucket list USA map from Awesome Maps, and use the code BONEANDMARROW for 10% off your order.

The Invisible Web

Ending a season (like college or high school) can be a little scary and a little sad. Remind your Enneagram 6 graduate that we are all connected–no matter how far apart. 

Enneagram Seven

Custom Coordinate Bar Necklace

With an eye on the horizon, the Enneagram 7 is ready to conquer the world.  Remind them of where they’ve come from with a subtle bracelet bar stamped with coordinates of their university, college, or family home.

Let the Journey Begin

Grab a little wisdom and guidance from best-selling author Max Lucado who has a thing or two to share about the journey ahead.

Pacsafe Luggage Backpack

There are lots of adventures to be had, and this backpack will keep all your Enneagram 7 graduates things safe and secure. With mesh wiring, rebarb in the straps, and several other security features, they are sure to keep their belongings safe as they conquer the world.

Enthusiast Maps

How do you choose a map for an Enneagram 7? We don’t, but you can. Grab a map of diving spots, fishing holes, or all over bucket-list moments around the world. Use the code BONEANDMARROW for 10% off your order.

Enneagram Eight

Leather FEED 100 Tote

Feeding 100 people is no small task, but if anyone is going to make that kind of an impact, it’s going to be our Enneagram 8 graduates.  Champion the Enneagram 8 who is on a mission to bring hope, fight injustice, and to protect the underdog with the purchase of this beautiful leather tote.  

Copper World Map

Known for its ability to withstand heat, and conduct electricity, we thought the copper map was a perfect symbolic gift for an Enneagram 8 ready to take on the world. Use the code BONEANDMARROW for 10% off your order.

Be the Change Keychain

It’s a simple gift, but an everyday reminder of the impact the Enneagram 8 graduate is having on the world.  May their presence change us all for good.

Speak Up T-Shirt

An Enneagram 8 doesn’t mess around, and you know it. While they might be the first to call you out, they are also the first to come to your defense. Acknowledge this great attribute and challenge the 8 to use it on behalf of those who can’t. 

Enneagram Nine

I Wish You More

We wish for you curiosity and wonder; for friendship and strength; laughter and peace.  All the things we want for our Enneagram 9 grads.

Framed Map with GPS Coordinates

This season of college or high school will come and go, but it can forever be remembered with a custom map of GPS coordinates of their school or university.

Hope Dove T-Shirt

Inspired by Isaiah 61, this t-shirt embodies the peacefulness and hope of a dove. It’s also apart of a campaign to rescue girls out of sex trafficking in Cambodia, and is the perfect gift for an Enneagram 9 graduate.

Journal Map

Journal the world and make it your own. Declare to the Enneagram 9: we want to hear your voice; we want to see your impact! This map is a perfect way to let the Peacemaker make their mark. Use the code BONEANDMARROW for 10% off your order.

We loved shopping for these 36 Insanely Thoughtful Graduation Gifts by Enneagram.  Do you remember your graduation? What did you get that you loved the most? Tell us in the comments–we would love to know your answers!

Author: Bone+Marrow