45 Unique Stay at Home Activities by Enneagram Type

We’ve gathered 45 unique stay at home activities by Enneagram Type. If you’re looking for something to do while you’re stuck safe at home, we’ve curated a list of activities just for your type. 

At the time we published this post, we’ve been in social isolation and Stay at Home/Shelter in Place orders now for over a month thanks to COVID-19.  And by this time, you’ve probably played every game, watched all your favorite movies, have finished and maybe rewatched the train wreck that is Tiger King, and scrolled through hours of social media.  It’s time to shake things up, so we’ve put together a list of activities for each Enneagram type that you can do while you’re bunkered down in your home. 

We made sure to consider what each Enneagram Type enjoys, what motivates each type, and tried to make our suggestions broad enough to give room to your unique preferences.  If you want to explore other posts unique to your type, check out our 27 of the best Board and Party Games by Enneagram Type

Let’s get started exploring our 45 unique stay at home activities by Enneagram Type.  If you’re ready to jump straight to your number, click on the link below, but make sure to double back and check out the rest of the numbers–they might just make a fun or clever activity you can pin now, for later.

Enneagram One

Unique Stay at Home Activities for Enneagram 1


Kanoodle includes 200 puzzles with hundreds of possible combinations, but only one right answer. It’s a solo game for the Enneagram 1 who will stop at nothing to find the perfect solution. 

Once Upon a Chef Cookbook

100 tested and perfected recipes. If you’re looking to change up the norm, grab a new cookbook and put their claim to the test. 

Kitchen Prep-Deck

While you’re exploring new recipes and cooking more than you ever have in your life, grab a helpful Kitchen Prep Deck to organize your meal prep.  It’s sure to give you all the warm fuzzies you crave when you see all the veggies neatly sorted. 

Sow & Grow Seed Starter

You are mostly likely to master the perfect amount of sun, water, and fertilizer each plant needs. If you haven’t already started a garden, why not grab a Sow & Grow kit to spend some time in the sunshine. 


Similar to Suduko, ColorKu challenges its players to logically fill the lines and the grids using 9 colored wooden marbles with no repeats.  With 104 puzzle cards, this beautiful, visual, and logical game can be played solo or with friends.  

Enneagram Two

Unique Stay at Home Activities for an Enneagram 2

Stillness A Book of Poetry + Prose

This book of poetry and prose explores real life emotions of love and loss. A great read and reminder for the typically busy Enneagram 2’s.  


Team3 is a cooperative team game where players are given a certain role, and must work together to build a structure.  This game requires good helpers, and we believe Enneagram Two’s are exactly who we need. 

Bread Baking for Beginners

One of our favorite Enneagram 2’s looooooves to bake on her snow days.  She puts all the love she typically would in a work-day into kneading breads, scones, and feel-goodies.  If you haven’t tried your hand at making fresh bread, now’s your chance. 

Outdoor Fire Pit

Grab the people you are self-isolating with, and spend intentional time around the fire-pit.  Make the most of these precious moments we’ve been gifted. 


Another team-based game, Pandemic encourages players to work together to save the world from disease. With certain strengths and strategy, this 60 minute cooperative and suspenseful game will rely on just how fast you can help. 

Enneagram Three

The Perfect Pie

If you’re going to be the best, you ought to know how to make the best pie.  And why not start now while there’s time to perfect your technique? Your family/friends in isolation will thank you. 

Herb Garden Kit

Some people create art, others master gardens. All are welcome, and all are needed. Encourage the green thumb of the Enneagram 3, and maybe you’ll get invited to eat from their bounty.

The Chameleon

There is a secret word, and everyone knows it BUT the Chameleon.  Can you blend in, or will you get caught? It’s a great large group game that encourages an ability to hide in plain sight. 

The Year of You

We’d like to invite you to discover more about yourself, become more conscious about what you want, and create a rich and fulfilling life through one journaling prompt a day.  If you’ve ever wondered who you are outside of a workday, now is the time to explore it. 

The Lie Detector Game

This game includes a working lie-detector with voice analysis.  Players in the hot seat are asked questions with the goal to catch them in a lie. Being honest, or outsmarting the detector, wins the game. Lights and sound reveal the truth. 

Oh, and just in case this game makes anyone nervous, it comes with 126 questions if the blank questions are too risky. 

Enneagram Four

Stay at Home Activities for an Enneagram 4

Bee Keeping Starter Kit

Not your typical hobby, but certainly one that adds all the color to the world as bees pollinate our gardens.  Learn the art of Bee Keeping and make a subtle, but important, difference in the world. 

What Do You Meme?

Create the funniest meme by captioning the cards in the photos of each round.  Your unique answer just may win the round. 

The Awkward Storyteller

Creative thinking is how you’ll win this game.  With a brief story plot, players ask the Storyteller questions that begin to build the story.  But it’s not all completely random–the Storyteller must create a story using unique prompts.  It’s group and shy-folk friendly game where originality and plot twists are exactly what is needed to win. 

A Super Upsetting Book about Sandwiches

Sandwiches may be cliche, but they don’t have to be.  Add a unique twist to the classics, and make lunchtime at home a little more creative. 

Handmade Paper

Explore a new an unique hobby by learning to make homemade and handmade paper.  Learn the intricacies of paper fibers, paper making techniques, and supply sources all while encouraging the creativity of the Enneagram 4.

Enneagram Five

Stay at Home Activities for Enneagram 5

ROKR 3D Puzzle

How does it work? And who has the patience to build a 3D puzzle? An Enneagram 5 does. Plus, fascinate everyone around you as the marble travels on a precise and detailed path you design.  

Tequila Mockingbird Cocktail Book

It’s a little bit of literature and a little bit of fun all mixed into this cocktail cookbook featuring drink recipes paired with commentary on historical classics. 

I Should Have Known That!

Unlike ridiculously hard trivia games that intimidate most of us, this trivia game is filled with everyday questions like: What is the character limit for Tweets on Twitter? How long did Sleeping Beauty actually sleep? But you’re not rewarded in this game for answering questions correctly–instead you lose points for incorrect answers that you probably should have known.  If we can have teams, put an Enneagram 5 on ours. 

Hammock Chair

You’ve read all the books.  You’ve watched all the Youtube videos. You’re probably not even halfway through your list.  So grab a new hammock chair and change up the view as you absorb all the information you’ve been craving. 

Fire in the Library Game

Play this game solo or with as many as 6 players (perfect for a more introverted 5). Rescue books and accumulate knowledge, but be advised–books increase with value all the way up to the immediate end when any wing of the library completely burns. 

Enneagram Six

Stay at Home Activities for Enneagram 6


Featured on our Enneagram 6 Gift List, this game is trying to kill you.  And our Enneagram 6’s are the most likely to not die.  

Eating Through the
Zombie Apocalypse Cookbook

It’s inventive meal prep at its best. Because when the undead rise, eating will be hard, and doing it successfully will become an art.

Agate Wind Chime

It’s time to slow down and enjoy the beauty around you. Grab your favorite person and enjoy the beauty and melody of this agate wind chime. 

Worst Case Scenario

Test your readiness to survive everyday life challenges–youth, school, dating, family, and more. Your Enneagram 6 survival instincts will ensure you win this game.

Our Family Traditions

Our Enneagram 6’s are the keepers of family traditions.  Record memories, traditions, and interview family members in this beautiful and classic family journal. Plus, enjoy activity prompts and document a family tree.  It’s a perfect activity for our traditional and family-oriented Enneagram 6’s.

Enneagram Seven

Stay at Home Activities for Enneagram 7


Creativity, imagination, and problem solving–no we’re not explaining a typical Enneagram 7, but the game Concept.  Play cooperatively or semi-cooperatively to share clues similar to Charades, but with images on the game board. Don’t worry, the points are far less important than having a great time, which is a Enneagram 7’s motto. 

New Phone, Who Dis?

Compete to create the funniest text message thread, which means you have to think fast and funny. A great group game for any spontaneous party night. 

Cravings Cookbook

SATISFY THEM ALL.  You know you want to.  Grab Cravings by Chrissy Teigan and give your tastebuds something to look forward to at home. 

Inflatable Hot Tub

It’s so extra it’s perfect.  Spring nights call for a little something special, and an inflatable hot tub with family or friends is just the thing we are looking forward to after a WFH day.

The Bucket List

Stay-at-home orders won’t always last, so why not plan now for later? Enjoy a fun guide to accomplishing new and stimulating activities with this book with location-specific bucket lists of natural wonders, cultural, sports, culinary, and self-improvement activities. 

Enneagram Eight

Enneagram Activities for Enneagram 8

Eat What You Want Cookbook

Eat What You Want–because no one puts Baby in the Corner. No deprivation, no “bad foods” list. The only rule? Enjoy your food. Even at home. 

Throw Throw Burrito

Part Dodge Ball, part card game, Throw Throw Burrito merges the best of both worlds. Match sets of cards faster than your opponents while ducking, dodging, and throwing airborne burritos.  Cards earn points, getting hit with a burrito loses points. 


Control a group of inhabitants on the island of Atlantis, which is in the process of sinking in the water. You need to get your people from the central island, made up of hexagonal tiles, over to the safe islands in the corners of the board. You must protect and defend–the very best parts of an Enneagram 8. 

Mini Greenhouse

If any of the Types are going to have the guts to build and tend to a greenhouse, it’s going to be an Enneagram Type 8. Plus, there will be all the satisfaction of feeding the fam with or without a grocery store. 

TRX Straps

No gym? No problem. Create full-body workouts from anywhere with a TRX suspension system. Get that workout in from home. No excuses.

Enneagram Nine

Brew Starter Kit

Learn to brew your own craft beer at home. Fool proof and perfect for beginners. If you’ve ever wanted to explore a new hobby, now is your chance.  

Previously, On...

This TV trivia game is perfect for an Enneagram 9 who has enjoyed a good Netflix binge, and needs an excuse for the next one.  

Fog of Love

No one brings unity quite like an Enneagram 9, and this game is all about bringing people together. Plus, take on someone else’s personality for just a second as a strategy to make an unusual relationship work. 

Everyday is Saturday Cookbook

Easy cooking every day of the week.  No extra effort. No crazy ingredients you have to buy from an exotic farmer’s market that’s likely to be closed. Just feel good, simple recipes perfect for your people.

Lazy Day Hammock

If anyone should have a hammock, it should be you. Because the best naps happen in a hammock. 

Thirty days into social isolation and we want to hear from you how you’ve kept busy.  Tell us all the things you’ve done in the comments, and all the things we should have included in our list below. 

Author: Bone+Marrow