Best Board & Party Games by Enneagram Type

We have a 2020 refresh on our Board and Party Games by Enneagram type, and we’re pumped to share it with you. We created a fun board and party game by Enneagram type list earlier this year, but thought a refresh was in order as social distancing cancels a lot of our traditional family outings this holiday season. We’ve curated some of our favorites finds for spending quality time, albeit conversational or competitive time, with family or friends who you are quarantined with. While it might be easy (or tempting) to scroll social media, we have the best board and party games sorted by Enneagram type to keep you engaged with those who matter most. Plus, there is still time to Amazon Prime these just in time for Christmas and New Year’s.

Check out this refreshed list of board and party games by Enneagram type to help you find a game or activity that might just fit your personality taking into consideration:

  • Are you more competitive or cooperative?

  • Do you prefer complex strategy or simple scoring?

  • Do you want to play solo or with a group of people?

If you’re ready to jump straight to your number, click on the link below, but make sure to double back and check out the rest of the numbers–they might just make a fun or clever gift idea you can pin now, for later.

Enneagram One

Moral Dilemma

Ready to decide between right and wrong? Or at least present your argument for what YOU believe is the right choice for the given scenario. 


Kanoodle includes 200 puzzles with hundreds of possible combinations, but only one right answer. It’s a solo game for the Enneagram 1 who will stop at nothing to find the perfect solution. 


Similar to Suduko, ColorKu challenges its players to logically fill the lines and the grids using 9 colored wooden marbles with no repeats.  With 104 puzzle cards, this beautiful, visual, and logical game can be played solo or with friends.  

Enneagram Two

The Mind

It’s a game where anticipating what others are thinking might just make you the winner. 

Blank Slate

How well can you put your finger on what everyone’s thinking? If you’re an Enneagram 2, this might be what you pride yourself on. Pick a word cue card, write the word you think best completes the phrase, and try to match it to anther player’s word without giving a single hint.


Wavelength is a social guessing game where two teams compete to read each other’s minds. It’s a thrilling experience of TALKING and THINKING and HIGH FIVING that anyone can play—but it also has some of that deep word game sorcery, like Codenames, where your decisions feel tense, strategic, and meaningful. 

Enneagram Three


Get caught bluffing, and lose a life. Bluff your way through a round, and you win an Bamboozled card that can be exchanged for a game-changing opportunity. Sounds like the perfect strategic game for the Enneagram 3.  

Don't Get Got

In this game, receive 6 secret missions, but each mission requires you to trick a fellow player without them getting suspicious. Be the first to complete 3 of your missions, and win. 

Black Market

Buy and sell the most goods, but here’s the catch–you have to bluff your way through bargaining, bidding, and taking bold risks. No, it’s not a day at the office for the stereotypical Enneagram 3, but they might just be equipped to dominate this game. 

Enneagram Four


First, this beautiful game features National Park illustrations by 35 artists, which we believe the Enneagram 4 will appreciate. Players take on the role of  hikers as they trek different trails across four seasons. While on the trail, these hikers will take actions and collect memories of the places your hikers visit. 

Pac Man

A vintage arcade favorite, but not in a board game. Enjoy all your favorite elements of Pac Man in this retro-inspired game.

MTV Throwback Music Party

Enjoy the nostalgic era of 80s, 90s, and 00s MTV with multi-rounds of music-inspired challenges where being the friend who can hum a tune, recite a lyric, or recognize a verse, wins the game. 

Enneagram Five

I Should Have Known That!

Unlike ridiculously hard trivia games that intimidate most of us, this trivia game is filled with everyday questions like: What is the character limit for Tweets on Twitter? How long did Sleeping Beauty actually sleep? But you’re not rewarded in this game for answering questions correctly–instead you lose points for incorrect answers that you probably should have known.  If we can have teams, put an Enneagram 5 on ours. 

Guess in 10

Think hard, ask intelligent questions, use your clue cards wisely to chose the right city within your 10 allotted questions.

Good Guess

It’s a race to solve riddles using clues about everyday people, places and things. The game is part riddle, part trivia and part sound logical reasoning. Grab an Enneagram 5 to put on your team, and prepare your victory speech. 

Enneagram Six


Featured on our Enneagram 6 Gift List, this game is trying to kill you. And our Enneagram 6’s are the most likely to not die.  


A classic game for a classic type. Grab a family-friendly game that boasts bringing people together. Sounds right up the Enneagram 6 ally. 

Conspiracy Theory

How much of a pro do you feel like you are when it comes to Conspiracy Theory? This trivia board game tests your knowledge of the world of Internet conspiracies, but be careful of cover-ups. Think like an Enneagram 6 to win. 

Enneagram Seven


Creativity, imagination, and problem solving–no we’re not explaining a typical Enneagram 7, but the game Concept.  Play cooperatively or semi-cooperatively to share clues similar to Charades, but with images on the game board. Don’t worry, the points are far less important than having a great time, which is a Enneagram 7’s motto. 

Trekking the World

Ready to go on an adventure without the long plane flight? Grab Trekking the World where the goal is to build a bucket list of destinations and take a whirlwind tour to visit them all – but do it before your fellow travelers beat you there!

Brain Fart

Use that super fast Enneagram 7 brain to quickly name words that start with specific letters and based on categories. 

Enneagram Eight

Knock Out Punch

Last list we had Throw Throw Burrito, this time, it’s Knock Out Punch–part boxing part dodge ball card game. A perfect game for our challenging body-type Enneagram 8s.

I dissent.

A game of supreme arguments is a must-have on the Enneagram 8 list. Preside over the court of public opinion and vote on today’s hot button issues! Stand your ground or dissent, but either way, you have to influence other player’s opinions to score. 

Off Topic

Draw a card to decide the topic; roll the dice to decide a letter. Then, race against a timer to write down answers for each topic, but be prepared to defend your answers.  According to the game makers, “Debating answers with your friends and family is where the real fun happens!” And we honestly can’t think of anything more fun for the Enneagram 8.

Enneagram Nine

Convo and Chill

If traditional games are too tense (or risk a meltdown), Convo and Chill is a great alternative party game.  Pick a card, start an epic conversation. 


*Does not include a warm cozy blanket. 

Peace Card Game

The antidote card game to the classic “War,” this game of peace challenges you to out-kind your opponents.  Grab an Enneagram 9 and an Enneagram 2 to be on your team, and you’re unstoppable.

It's in the Bag

Part charades, part word guessing game, this is a game we’ve played, loved, and is conflict-free. Plus, we get to see the secretly snarky and creative side of the Enneagram 9 come alive, and that’s probably our favorite part.

Do you have a favorite board game? What is a must-have for any collection? Jump over to our Instagram page to let us know your favorite board and party games by Enneagram type.

Author: Bone+Marrow