Christmas Gift Ideas for an Enneagram 1

Want to discover a few perfect Christmas gift ideas for an Enneagram 1? Our organized, punctual, and productive reformers seek to be good and right in order to feel worthy. This can be challenging considering gifts, by nature, are things given willingly, or without payment. Let’s back up a bit and start with a quick overview of our Enneagram 1 friends. Also, if you didn’t get to check out our Christmas gift ideas list for Enneagram 7’s, or Enneagram 4’s (in the integration paths for Enneagram 1’s) make sure to check them out next. 

20 Gift Ideas for an Enneagram 1

Enneagram One (1) Overview

Enneagram 1’s are perfectionistic, fair, and honest. Enneagram World Wide goes on to say the Enneagram 1 perfectionists have a strong inner critic and tend to see the world as black and white. 

While those leading with Enneagram 1 can often feel like their own worst critic, they are constantly challenging the rest of us to a higher standard.  When we think of Enneagram 1, we think of our moms (both Amanda + Beth’s mama’s are Enneagram 1’s), and instilled in both of us a strong moral compass of what is right and what is wrong, and a desire to always operate in integrity (we turned out pretty okay as a result).  

Christmas Shopping for an Enneagram 1

Hard-working, dependable, organized, and productive are words often used to describe Enneagram 1’s, and words we identified with when shopping for this Enneagram type.  We are excited to share our black and white list of practical Christmas gift ideas for an Enneagram 1.

Ever super annoyed at all the electronics and their cords tangled everywhere? Store everything all in one functional and beautifully designed charging station. 

There is a place for everything without the mess or weight of a large bag. Keep all the essentials in one small, well-organized purse.    

Dear Enneagram 1’s–

You are lovely and you are exactly who we need you to be.  You are good, and worthy. And you should tell yourself this until you believe it. 

Learn, read, study, repeat with this Kindle E-Reader that reads like paper even in direct sunlight. 

Productive–just like the Enneagram 1 this pad easily maps out the day. Because there should always be a plan, and we should stick to the plan. 

Keep track of all your income, expenses, savings, and financial goals in a beautifully bound and minimalistic monthly and weekly budget book.  

There’s nothing more perfect than a circle to represent the Enneagram 1 type. From the Ennea Collection by Hamrick Ave comes this beautiful layering necklace–one of a kind, and perfect in every way.   

It’s the internal mantra of every Enneagram 1 worn externally for all to see in a warm and functional sweatshirt. 

If you enjoy the hunt of a good sale or discount, and are prone to clipping coupons, we’ve got a simple storage solution! This clever organizer will keep every coupon, no matter the size, perfectly neat and orderly. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than needing all the things, and finding them scattered all over the car because there’s simply not a place for all the things! Organize the car’s chaos with a seat-back organizer with a place for everything. 

Instantly download this lyrical print from the Sleeping at Last Enneagram 1 song. If you haven’t heard the song or the podcast, check it out here

Let go of who you think you should be, and embrace who you are. Easier said than done, right? Yeah, we know, and so does Dr. Brené Brown in this guide to a wholehearted life. 

A lot happens during the week, and you can keep an eye on all the moving pieces. Avoid conflicts, collisions, and missed appointments by planning out your week on this dry erase calendar. 

Fry your favorite foods without all the calories–or the greasy mess.

When it comes time to make a healthy meal for yourself, family, or dinner guests, keep everything organized as you prepare with this Kitchen Prep Deck.  Includes all the storage and tools you need for clean and organized meal prep.

It’d be nice to have a little help, right? This iRobot Vacuum will constantly work alongside of you keeping your floors clean of crumbs, pet hair, and dirt. 

Slice, shred, blend, or pulverize in an all-in-one system practical for creating delicious meals from your kitchen. 

What’s worse than a trip to the dentist to find out you’ve not been flossing good enough? With this travel water pik, you’re sure to get all the compliments from any dental hygienist.

You have a job to do, and a pretty important one. This rolling laptop case fits everything you need to get the job done without all the weight of carrying it all. 

You are important. All of you; the good, the bad, and the imperfect. The Book of Myself is a do-it-yourself memoir that helps you record and preserve the experiences, relationships, and lessons that define you. Perfect for documenting the life of an Enneagram 1. 

Are you an Enneagram 1, or are you close with someone who is? We want to hear from you! What’s on your Christmas list this holiday season? Comment below to get the conversation started and help us discover more Christmas gift ideas for an Enneagram 1.

Author: Bone+Marrow