Christmas Gift Ideas for an Enneagram 4

Need Christmas Gift Ideas for an Enneagram 4? Our warm, expressive, and introspective romantics long to be unique while also being understood. It’s tough to be thoughtful when you don’t understand, so let’s start with a quick overview of our Enneagram 4 friends. Also, if you didn’t get to check out our Christmas gift ideas list for Enneagram 9’s, make sure to check it out next. 

Enneagram4 Christmas Gifts

Enneagram Four (4) Overview

Enneagram 4’s are empathetic, supportive, creative, and passionate. The Enneagram Institute goes on to say that at their best they are inspired, highly creative, able to renew themselves, and transform their experiences.

While those leading with Enneagram 4 can often feel misunderstood, or labeled as “moody,” we really just believe the Enneagram 4’s are the sacred holders of all the feelings.  When I think of Enneagram 4’s, I think of people who are able to take all the random leftovers in a fridge (a modpodge of feelings) and turn them into a fine dining experience through art, words, music, and film. This past spring, I traveled with an Enneagram 4 to the Dominican Republic, and I watched her connect with and see people in a way that transcended culture and language. In the presence of a Enneagram 4, meaning, admiration, creativity, and sensitivity are so richly present. 

Christmas Shopping for an Enneagram 4

Unique, creative, introspective, and intuitive are words often used to describe Enneagram 4’s, and words we wanted to honor when shopping for this Enneagram type.  Keep in mind this type longs to be unordinary, so we accepted the challenge of finding a diverse list of Christmas gift ideas for our Enneagram 4 friends.

Mood rings reflect temperature changes caused by the body’s physical reaction to emotions. This handmade 14k gold filled mood ring is a perfect way for our Enneagram 4’s to visibly acknowledge when an emotion is present.  

There’s no ordinary way to use these clever geometric trays.  Use them for jewelry storage, food presentation, or however you’re inspired. Five shape combinations gives creative and stylish freedom for the Enneagram 4.

Set the mood with a record player and turntable station that fits perfectly in smaller spaces. Functional and beautiful for the Enneagram 4 who has or wants to start a vinyl collection. 

Embark on a creative journey and reinvigorate the places that might be restricting creativity and innovation. And don’t just read about it, actually DO it with prompts, exercise and activities that are sure to reignite the passion our Enneagram 4’s are known for.    

This clever journal has its author reflect on a prompt a day for year with the goal to document five years worth of responses. This journal is a perfect way to show change in emotions and view points over the course of five years.  Find meaning and experience at a deeper level with this thoughtful gift.  

A giant chunky knit blanket is a perfect companion on days where you just might want to feel all the feels.  Comforting and cozy, this chunky knit blanket comes in a variety of colors (in case pink is waaaay too cliche) that will fit your style. 

There is a mysterious connection between smells and the past, and no one understands that better than our romantic Enneagram 4’s.  Reminisce about that first kiss with a Homesick candle that includes hints of eucalyptus, Fir needle, and orange, and linger in the butterflies, tingles, and heart racing moments of the past. defines “depth” as complexity or obscurity.  These watercolor pencils, and our Enneagram 4 friends do just that–add depth. These pencils are perfect for adding all the needed layers to any masterpiece-in-the-making. 

Where most would choose a polished stone, this unfinished birthstone bracelet exemplifies all the possibilities and beauty of being raw. And if anyone is going to to appreciate the vulnerability of being raw, it’s going to be an Enneagram 4. Customize the color and quantity of stones to make a one-of-a-kind piece.      

Explore a new an unique hobby by learning to make homemade and handmade paper.  Learn the intricacies of paper fibers, paper making techniques, and supply sources all while encouraging the creativity of the Enneagram 4. 

It’s got everything you need for a romantic picnic date including wine bottle storage, cheese knives, and a water-proof blanket. This is a scene-setting must-have for the next great romantic outing. 

This journal to reflect and remember cultivates an attitude of gratitude.  There’s plenty of valid negative feelings, but this journal prompts feelings of thankfulness, connection, and personal affirmations which is known to have a positive effect on mental health. 

Color your way to calm with this coloring book perfect for the design lover.  Also, feel free to color outside of the lines too. You do you, boo. 

Some people create art, others create gardens. All are welcome, and all are needed. Encourage the green thumb of the Enneagram 4, and maybe you’ll get invited to eat from their bounty.

Lights have this magical ability to set ambiance, and let’s face it–ambiance matters for the Enneagram 4.  Add pictures of your favorite people, and now you have set the perfect mood to relive all your best memories.   

It’s a sound wave of your favorite song using reclaimed wood, but you wouldn’t know that until you asked.  This unique conversational piece is the perfect abstract art with all the sentimental meaning in the land. 

A bag of feelings makes for a great conversation starter. Pick an emotion, and act it out or talk about how it’s managed. Plus, leave these toys in places to be found as hidden messages throughout the day.

As if God hid the building blocks
Of every beautiful thing
In this game of hide and seek
I can’t help but think that ordinary has swallowed the key.

Check out the rest of the Enneagram 4 song by Sleeping at Last here.


This canvas tote with an optional cross-body leather strap can carry books, art supplies, headphones, and all the necessities of an Enneagram 4. Plus it’s a blank canvas…get it? 

Black and white socks are boring socks.  Sign up for a unique sock sent to you once a month, and always have something out of the ordinary to wear. 

Are you an Enneagram 4, or are you close with someone who is? We want to hear from you! What’s on your Christmas list this holiday season? Comment below to get the conversation started. 

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