Christmas Gift Ideas for an Enneagram 7

Looking for Christmas Gift Ideas for an Enneagram 7? Our adventurous, curious, and imaginative Enthusiasts are motivated by the need for enjoyable experiences. It can be challenging to know what to get someone who’s different than you, so let’s start with a quick overview of our Enneagram 7 friends. Also, if you didn’t get to check out our Christmas gift ideas lists for Enneagram 9’s, Enneagram 6’s, Enneagram 5’s or Enneagram 4’s, make sure to check all those out next. 

20 gifts for an Enneagram 7

Enneagram Seven (7) Overview

Enneagram 7’s are charming, spontaneous, confident, and curious. The Enneagram Institute goes on to say that at their best they focus on worthwhile goals joyously and satisfied. 

Those leading with Enneagram 7  tend to want to explore all the options while being fast learners and connoisseurs of hobbies and experiences. I (Amanda) happen to be an Enneagram 7 who, in high school, played tennis one season, swam the next, was in drama for a year, and then competed in choir the next.  I wanted try all the things, and could never commit to becoming great at any one thing (which, by the way, is why I know enough to build, design, and run our online blog). 

Christmas Shopping for an Enneagram 7

Spontaneous, adventurous, and joyful are words often used to describe Enneagram 7’s, and words we used to navigate our shopping for this Enneagram type.  Seven’s enjoy experiences so we accepted the challenge to find gifts that compliment those experiences in our Christmas gift ideas for our Enneagram 7 friends.

Pinpoint all the adventures–past, present, and future with this mini cork globe. It’s a perfect gift for any Enneagram 7 traveler to reflect on where they’ve been, and where they’ve yet to explore.    

Keep track of all the places explored without all the weight of typical souvenirs.  This leather key chain comes with custom stamped washers with all the countries you’ve explored.  Keep it as a backpack or purse clip, and remember the past as you head into the future.    

One blue pen is boooooooring!! If you’re going to journal, plan, brainstorm, or problem-solve, don’t limit an Enneagram 7 to one basic pen. Snatch up a set of felt-tipped markets for all the colorful options in the land. 

Flowers have the power to bring joy to a room, much like those who lead with Enneagram 7.  This geometric flower vase is a perfect minimalistic addition to any desk, dresser, or bookshelf bringing beauty into the mundane. 

Get the party started with this complete cocktail set in an attractive tray. Shaken or stirred, this set comes complete with everything you need for a great mixed drink. Plus, enjoy the recipe cards to try a new, fun drink! This cocktail kit is a great gift for anyone who loves entertaining.   

Sevens are planners, but not quite like a Enneagram 5 or Enneagram 1, and definitely not for the same reasons.  Uniquely designed to identify brilliant ideas and exciting opportunities each week (while still keeping focused, duh) this is a perfect and custom gift for the Enneagram 7. 

From the obvious tourist stops to the off-the-beaten path adventures, this book will turn any getaway into a trip to remember.  And WHY is this a great gift? We’re glad you asked!!! Inspire your Enneagram 7’s to see *maybe* otherwise boring places with a whole new perspective. 


-Said every Enneagram 7, ever. 

Small changes to your external environments can produce all sorts of joy, and no one knows this better than an Enneagram 7 who carries this ability internally. 

No matter where you are, always have what you need with a lightweight, warm, and durable microfiber travel blanket.  On a plane, in an AirBNB, hotel, or random train in the middle of a foreign country, always (always!!!!) have a small comfort close by. Comes in a variety of colors because you (we) need options.  

Engage your Enneagram 7 in meaningful reflection with these conversation cards.  It’s no secret Enneagram 7’s are always on the lookout for the next great adventure, but helping them linger longer in all their blessings? Well, that’s a gift that’s worth every penny.  

Fashionably carry all the things into every adventure with this PacSafe City Backpack. Interlocking zippers, steel mesh, and RFID pockets will keep all your belongings safe no matter where in the world you find yourself. 

How wonderful to see a smile on your face.
It costs farewell tears for a welcome-home parade.
A secret handshake between me and my     one life:
I’ll find the silver lining no matter what         the price.

Listen to the full song, and the podcast on the Enneagram 7 song here.

Primarily in the head triad, Enneagram 7’s tend to spend a lot of time thinking, and wondering, and brainstorming, and thinking some more.  For the moments when there’s smoke coming from the engine (a headache), this doTerra roller works wonders on naturally eliminating pain.  

Personal care with a very personal message. Philosophy designed its Renewed Hope in a Jar, an overnight moisturizing cream, with this message: live with optimism, renew with hope.  It’s a life mantra for the Enneagram 7. 

“This one time…” 

Change the outcome of a very adventurous, but uncomfortable story with this handy little personal urination device designed to help lady Enneagram 7’s, well, you know. Because some of life’s greatest adventures don’t include Western toilets… 

It’s a self-filtering water bottle that cleans water from the tap. Don’t let water (or lack of great tasting clean water) be what stops the next epic experience.  

Imagine you’re in a tropical place in the middle of winter. Finally finish one of the dozen books you’ve started. Or simply journal all the gratitudes from this macrame hammock chair. Because no ordinary chair will do for an Enneagram 7. 

Encourage the dreamers to dream. 

Enjoy a fun guide to accomplishing new and stimulating activities with this guide to location-specific bucket list of natural wonders, cultural, sports, culinary, and self-improvement activities. It’s not just a coffee table book–it’s a road map of experiences for the Enneagram 7.

Are you an Enneagram 7, or do you adventure with someone who is? We want to hear from you! What’s on your Christmas list this holiday season? Comment below to get the conversation started. 

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