Christmas Gift Ideas for an Enneagram 8

Interested in discovering Christmas Gift Ideas for an Enneagram 8? Our loyal, energetic, and protective challengers seek to be self-reliant and strong to avoid weakness or dependence that might make them vulnerable. This can be tough to understand if you’re not an 8, so let’s get started with a quick overview of our Enneagram 8 friends. Also, if you didn’t get to check out our Christmas gift ideas list for Enneagram 9’s, Enneagram 7’s, or Enneagram 4’s, make sure to check them out next. 

20 Enneagram 8 Gift Ideas

Enneagram Eight (8) Overview

Enneagram 8’s are self-confident, direct, strong, and confident. Truity goes on to say Enneagram 8’s are likely to trail blaze boldly through all walks of life.

While those leading with Enneagram 8 can often be labeled with harsh words like abrasive or stubborn, these are the exact traits we all need when we’re seeking justice.  Enneagram 8’s are often found championing the underdog and are not afraid to call a spade, a spade. Those who lead with this type are loyal, generous, and supportive.  

Christmas Shopping for an Enneagram 8

Energetic, straightforward, and independent are words often used to describe Enneagram 8’s, and words we embraced when shopping for this Enneagram type.  We are excited to share our diverse list of Christmas gift ideas that honor and empower our Enneagram 8 friends.

Our Enneagram 8 friends are the mover of mountains and the breaker of chains. Gently acknowledge their strength with this sterling silver necklace. 

There is power in vulnerability, and vulnerability is not equivalent to weakness. Find out how to harness that power with this book by author and researcher Dr. Brené Brown. 

Stay in control and connected with a Garmin hybrid smart watch for women. Fashionable and discreet, this watch connects to your calendar, music, and texts, while also measuring activity and intensity.

Amplify. Amplify sound in any room for up to 8 hours with this waterproof speaker.  

Protective–just like the Enneagram 8 this backpack has double locking zippers, 5 RFID blocking card slots, a passport slot, 2 zippered wall pockets and a drop pocket for glasses or other quick grab items. 

Night vision. Wireless. Motion detection. Two-way audio. Help protect your home with two live stream indoor cameras.   

Want to enjoy a full-bodied espresso? Of course you do because you don’t drink coffee-flavored water, you drink rich well-brewed roasts. 

Enneagram 8’s are loyal to and enjoy their people. Grab all your favorite people for an night by the fire pit with this marshmallow roasting kit. 

Not prone to withdrawing from a challenge, make sure you have the hydration you need for that upcoming marathon, trek, or bike ride. 

Deep in the heart of the 8 is a rare and beautiful vulnerability. Celebrate that well with a beautifully designed print. 

When the adventures of the day leave you a little sore or the muscles a little tight, prep for the next day of adventures with a foam roller designed to help loosen muscles. 

Lightweight and supportive. Exactly the kind of partner (or shoes) an active Enneagram 8 needs. 

Kind and thoughtful words should be kept–especially the kind of words that dive deep into the heart of an Enneagram 8. Organize your most meaningful cards in one album for safekeeping. 

Protect yourself and those you love from germs and potential take-downs. Nobody’s got time for that.  

Custom designed for the Enneagram 8, this planner comes with prompts to state your daily wellness, intention, and activity.

Create full-body workouts from anywhere with a TRX suspension system. Get that workout in from home or on the road. No excuses.

From the Hamrick Avenue Ennea Collection comes the Enneagram 8 necklace made of Howlite. Layer it with a wing for a subtle declaration that your Enneagram 8 is seen, known, and celebrated for exactly who she is. 

This soft leather tote feeds 100 children. Look fashionable and provide for the vulnerable with this tote from FEED.

Savor your favorite espresso with a trusted friend or family member with this dual cup set. 

Normally gift cards don’t communicate: I know you! But for an Enneagram 8, this little gem gives them all the freedom and control they desire and is a perfectly thoughtful gift. Just make sure to include a card. 

Are you an Enneagram 8, or are you close with someone who is? We want to hear from you! What’s on your Christmas list this holiday season? Comment below to get the conversation started. 

Author: Bone+Marrow

  • I absolutely love these gifts! True reflection of eights, since I own several versions of these items. Just ordered the last eight print, for myself of course!!!

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