Christmas Gift Ideas for an Enneagram 9

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and for us, that means shopping for the ultimate Christmas gift Ideas for an Enneagram 9.  We’ve shopped all year for this list, which is why we are able to put together these 20 Christmas gift ideas for an Enneagram 9.

We love how a gift is a reflection of how the giver sees the recipient, and for someone who is discovering their ticks, flaws, and idiosyncrasies, a great gift can be healing and freeing. This is why we put together the ultimate Christmas gift ideas for an Enneagram 9–so you can communicate how much you see and still love the Enneagram 1 you have in mind. 

Keep in mind, right now, USPS is anticipating December 14th as the busiest shopping day online, so make sure to shop early and pin your favorite gift ideas to Pinterest.  Speaking of Pinterest, do you follow us yet? We’d love to have you join along as we regularly pin gift ideas, memes, and great Enneagram resources to check out. 

Also make sure to check out last year’s Enneagram 9 Christmas Shopping list for more inspiration as you shop for your favorite people. As always, these gifts don’t embody a particular type–it will always be the “why” that is most important. 

Happy shopping! 

State Spoon Rest

1. State Spoon Rest

Celebrate home with a spoon rest made of hand-sculpted pottery. Designed not to wobble, they’re also finished in three different food-safe glazes.

Do Something Dice

2. Do Something Dice

When you can’t make a decision, or need one validated, roll the dice to help map out a fun-filled day.

Customizable Map Locket

3. Customizable Map Locket

Funny how a few streets and landmarks can remind you of a favorite spot on the map. Now, as a locket also add the smiling faces that make that place “home.” Celebrates both your hometown and the people who make it special.

Essential Oil Holder

4. Essential Oil Holder

A beautiful way to display your favorite essential oils and blends; make home even more cozy for the Enneagram 9.

Embroidery Kit for Beginners

5. Embroidery Kit for Beginners

Encourage a creative hobby for the Enneagram 9 with a Embroidery Kit designed for beginners. Handmade beautiful pieces for your home while watching all the Hallmark movies or Netflix series. 

Enneagram 9 Candle

6. "Needed" Enneagram 9 Candle​

Send a message Enneagram 9’s long to hear–that they are NEEDED.  Remind them of this with each use. This candle, made by our friends at Continued Good, is a perfect and thoughtful handmade gift. Use the code BONEANDMARROW to get 10% off your order.

Enneagram 9 Coffee

7. Enneagram 9 Coffee

You are peace. You are light. You are a quiet forest filled with the smell of pine and morning air. You are earth and rain and stars – the stuff of the universe. You are bigger than you think. Grab a bag of Enneagram 8 coffee from our friends at Enneagram Coffee. Use coupon code BONEANDMARROW for 10% off your order.

Birth Month Flower Necklace

8. Birth Month Flower Necklace

Did you know that each month has its own birth flower too? These blossoms carry just as much unique meaning as the Enneagram 9 wearing it. Celebrate their individuality with a  dried, pressed bud of their birth month.

Custom Portrait Magnets

9. Custom Portrait Magnets

You could have fridge magnets or you could have super cool custom portrait fridge magnets.  Grab you and your best Enneagram 9’s likeness for a forever spot on the fridge.

Personalized Bullet Journal

10. Personalized Bullet Journal

Journaling doesn’t have to be linear; instead, it can be by subject with these personalized bullet journals. Build your own set of reference books; personalised with your own interests and hobbies. 

Monnogram Cheese and Cracker Board

11. Monnogram Cheese and Cracker Board

For the Enneagram 9 who loves great food at home, grab cheese and cracker board in their shape of a significant letter.  Then, pick up the Graze cookbook featured on must-have cookbooks by Enneagram type to complete the gift. 

Elvia Zip Belt Bag

12. Elvia Zip Belt Bag

The classic fanny-pack made modern. The Elvia Zip Bag is perfect for keeping things hands-free. With just enough space to carry the essentials, this belt bag is both functional and chic.

Half Golden Studs

13. Half Golden Studs

What you see at the surface, is not always a reflection of what’s happening below.  A great pair of clay earrings for the Enneagram 9.

Loop Blackout Eyemask Pillow

14. Loop Blackout Eyemask Pillow

Grab a nap anywhere. Daytime? No problem. This blackout mask is the perfect solution for grabbing a nap on the go. 

Coco Rose Hydration

15. Coco Rose Hydration

Nourish, hydrate, and glow with this kit designed to reinvigorate everything that is lost in an otherwise crazy day.

Convo and Chill

16. Convo and Chill

If traditional games are too tense (or risk a meltdown), Convo and Chill is a great alternative party game.  Pick a card, start an epic conversation. 


*Does not include a warm cozy blanket. 

Graze: Inspirational for Small Plates and Meandering Meals

17. Graze

Taste all the things. Commit to nothing.  Pull all the things together to create a meal with an aesthetic. There couldn’t be a more perfect cookbook for an Enneagram 9.

Drink More Water Bottle

18. Drink More Water Bottle

For a gentle encouragement gift for the Enneagram 9, grab a helpful water bottle that makes healthy habits fun.

Peacemaker Essential Oil Blend

19. Peacemaker Essential Oil Blend

Enjoy a blend of custom essential oils that will help your Enneagram 9 remember their presence matters.

Enneagram 9 Guided Planner

20. Enneagram 9 Guided Journal

We are excited about these custom Enneagram planners designed with cover-to-cover features specifically for your enneagram type with the intention of helping you thrive in your own individual brilliance. Pre-order now for the Enneagram 9 in your life. 

There you have it–our ultimate Christmas gift ideas for an Enneagram 9.  Don’t forget to shop for a card to complete the gift, and make sure to shop our other gift lists for the Enneagram type 9 next!

Author: Bone+Marrow