Christmas Gift Ideas for an Enneagram 9

Do you need Christmas Gift Ideas for an Enneagram 9? We have curated gift ideas for our Peacekeeping 9’s because we know nothing can zap the Christmas spirit more than the hectic-ness of gift shopping. Traffic, weather, and the one thousand other commitments during this season can rob the thoughtfulness right out of shopping for friends and family, which is frankly the very best part of the gift-giving process.  “Thoughtfulness” is the number one characteristic when we asked people, “what makes for a great gift?” so we’ve curated a few thoughtful gifts for the Enneagram 9’s in your life.



Enneagram Nine (9) Overview

Our Enneagram 9’s are the sweet go-with-the-flow peacekeepers of the 9 Enneagram types.  Where other numbers may be assertive, the Enneagram 9 looks to avoid conflict by being nonjudgmental, accepting and concerned for others, and overall easy to get along with.  When I think of my favorite 9’s, I think of my dad who quietly sent me to my room after scratching and denting the entire length of our family Suburban, (I was sure I was going to die at 17).  I also think of my sweet sister-in-law who is always looking to uniquely appreciate and encourage an entire room of very different people at our rare family gatherings. 

While those leading with Enneagram 9 have their own negative stereotypes and challenges to face (who doesn’t?), the 9’s can often feel overlooked or ignored, so we’re looking at YOU first on our Christmas shopping series. We’ll celebrate that Enneagram 9’s bring a sense of peace and calm, and thus earn their place as “MVP” at any awkward holiday get-together.  

Christmas Shopping for an Enneagram 9

Home, peaceful, patient, and caring are words used to describe Enneagram 9’s, and words we wanted to honor when shopping Christmas Gift Ideas for an Enneagram 9.  Also, keeping in mind some of the challenging areas for our sweet Enneagram 9’s, we made sure to add a few items to help them become their best selves as well.   

Imagine this hand woven cozy blanket waiting for you at home. In fact, this warm and stylish blanket is neutral enough to go with a variety of decor, and also functional without sacrificing the coziness. Snuggle alone or cuddle together, but the snuggle/cuddle puddle must happen.  

Who doesn’t want that warm coffee or comforting tea to stay hot long enough to make it to a comfy chair?! Likewise, it can keep your favorite cocktail cold too making it the perfect gift for keeping your beverages in their perfect state. 

Invite over your favorite people for a night at home with this multi-layered bamboo Charcuterie Board. Sturdy enough to take with you, and stylish enough to keep at home, this Charcuterie board will please everyone, including yourself. 

Botanical Art Prints

Celebrating the past, these antique botanical illustrations from 1887 embody wonderful, homey details, rich colors and natural historic feel.

Keep all of your favorite dishes in one place, and remember WHO’S kitchen they actually came from. Preserve the past with your Grandmother’s specialty or your Mother’s favorite recipe.    

It’s warm. It’s soft. It’s quality and it’s comfortable. Practically all the amazing things of an Enneagram 9. In fact, if you put it on, you might become an Enneagram 9. Just kidding, but you can try. 

There is a mysterious connection between smells and the past.  Reminisce with a clean burning candle (choose from a variety of scents) and customize a message adding an extra layer of sentiment. 

Beats by Dre
Noise Cancelling Headphones

Don’t rock the boat; rock the Casbah instead without bothering anyone else around you. With 22 hours of battery life, you can certainly slip these on and slip back into a harmonic state.    

Get two baby succulents monthly and elevate the aesthetic of any space by boosting the mood and lowering the anxiety levels (kinda like our Enneagram’s 9 do when they walk into a room).    

If saying “no” leaves you feeling guilty, you might be too nice.  But who wants nice anyway? We’d much rather have kind.  For the Enneagram 9 who struggles with boundaries, guilt, and bold declarations.  

It’s a mask, but for your lips! Moisturize and protect sensitive lips overnight, leaving them protected and ready for the day. Also, it’s 100% ok to take care of yourself. 

The olive leaf is a universal symbol of peace, and as these are the perfect accessory and declaration for our peacekeeping Enneagram 9’s. 

Can’t make a decision about what to do for dinner? That’s okay! Roll the dice and let fate make the decision for you.  With five dice including a protein, veggie, grain/herb, bonus ingredient, and cooking method, roll, cook, and serve! You won’t be held responsible unless it’s delicious. 

Take peace with you wherever you go.  Much like the Enneagram 9, it promotes feelings of peace, contentment, and reassurance. 

Set the mood wherever you go with this travel-friendly record player. Play your favorite vinyl with the soft, rich sound, or plug it in using the jacks on the back for amplified sound. 

A Slot's Guide to Mindfulness

It’s okay to go at your own pace.  This illustrated book guides the reader through reflections and peaceful meditations. 

Jot down one line each day for five years, and reflect on how far you’ve come. It’s a small discipline, with great impact on celebrating the big and small steps of moving forward.  

Is it a blanket? Is it a sweatshirt?! Who cares, take my money! This is a must-have item for any snow day, holiday, staycation, or long weekend. In fact, there’s really no at-home scenario where this wouldn’t be an absolute necessity. 

Wake up
Fall in love again
Wage war on gravity
There’s so much
Worth fighting for
You’ll see

If you’ve not checked out the Enneagram 9 song by Sleeping at Last, stop everything and go have a listen. 

There is no worse way to start the day than with the sound of an air raid alarm clock blasting you out of a peaceful sleep. Enneagram 9’s can now say, “NO MORE,” with this light-simulated alarm clock that gradually gets lighter the closer it’s time to wake up mimicking sunrise. Can it get any better?!

Are you an Enneagram 9 or are you close to an Enneagram 9? We want to hear from you! What’s Christmas Gift Ideas for an Enneagram 9 do you have for this holiday season? Comment below to get the conversation started. 

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