Co-Worker Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s the time of year to buy gifts, and if you’re struggling to know what to get your co-worker’s for Christmas, you’re not alone.  It’s tough to be thoughtful on a budget or when you have to gift-in-bulk.  We’ve put together 11 thoughtful co-worker Christmas gift ideas to inspire your corporate Christmas gift-giving for a variety of budgets and scenarios–whether you are the boss wanting to appreciate your team, or a co-worker wanting to share the love with all your teammates, we’ve chosen a few thoughtful gifts you can easily toss into your Amazon shopping cart as you prepare for holiday luncheons, Christmas parties, and end-of-year celebrations. Also, don’t forget we’ve curated some gift wrap by Enneagram type you can check out too for putting on the finishing touches. 

To: A Great Employee | From: Your Team Leader

How fun would it be to name a star after a star-performer this holiday season? Plenty of accolades will come and go, but this one is officially marked in the heavens.  Buy one for your team, or grab one for an individual who’s gone over and above. 

Personalize a wooden desk organizer that can stylishly hold all the little things your employee needs at their finger tips. This makes a great home or office desk accessory. 

Customize an insulated tumbler for your employee this holiday season. These simple, but effective travel mugs come in 45 colors and include a flip lid and straw.  Customize it with their name or a team-phrase for an added layer of personalization. 

Invest in your employees with the gift of learning. Purchase an Audible gift card for audiobooks that are perfect for long commutes, lunchtime-learning, or business travel.  

To: A Co-Worker | From: A Co-Worker

What do you get your favorite co-worker when a blue-ribbon for being the best simply won’t do? A notebook to carry to all the meetings that displays the honor of being the best co-worker. Ever. 

Okay, not as easy as throwing into your Amazon cart, but we love the Continue Good company and this 3 pack of holiday candles.  Grab this set for one friend or split it up between your favorite co-workers for a simple holiday gift with an inspiring message. Plus, with each purchase of these soy-based candles, Continue Good gives back 10% to Exodus Road to help reduce victims of human trafficking. 

Cold coffee or tea is devastating–especially when you’ve been too busy to savor its amazingness. In fact, the only time cold coffee is okay is when it’s a cold brew and intentionally ordered, and cold tea should always be iced.  Don’t let your co-worker’s brew go frigid. Instead, get them a mug warmer that will keep the mug lingering on their desk in a state of perfection.  

To: All the Co-Workers | From: A Co-Worker or Team Leader

If you are the type of person who wants to get everyone in the office a gift, you are our kind of person.  Grab your favorite Hershey bar, and wrap it with a custom, encouraging message to place on desks or hand out at the holiday party.

Oh how we love a good succulent.  In fact, with a message like “We are SUCC-cessful because of you” or “You don’t SUCC; thank you for helping us grow” these make for a punny and delightful group gifts.  

Buy a 24 pack of tumblers, fill them with your favorite treats, and you have an instant gift for a group.  Or fill these mugs with tea bags, office supplies, or gum for a great alternative to sweet treats.

A brilliant alternative to a regular tumbler is a wine tumbler.  Basically, it’s the adult-version of a sippy cup. If it’s appropriate for your company culture to enjoy a glass of vino, these are a unique and clever corporate gift. 

Okay so we want to hear your best co-worker Christmas gift ideas.  What’s been your favorite gift? Most clever gift? Do you want a homemade gift, or nah? Tell us all about it in the comments below. 

Author: Bone+Marrow