Content Submission Guidelines

Hi friend.  Thank you for your interest in contributing content for Bone+Marrow. We desire to create spaces that give people the freedom to discover the truth about who they were created to be, and we know good content can help in the process. We value the diverse and passionate voices of our peers, thought leaders, and industry professionals, and are looking for compelling and original content regarding Enneagram, MBTI®, DiSC®, StrengthsFinder to share with the Bone+Marrow Community.    

You can submit your content online by emailing us at We’d encourage you to review the submission guidelines below before sending your submission.  Not all submissions sent in may be accepted for publication on Bone+Marrow, and all submissions are subject to review and editing.


  • Bone+Marrow accepts the following content formats: News/Features/Blog, Video, Podcasts, Photo Slideshows & Infographics.

  • Written content should be between 500-1500 words. 

  • Do not submit content that is promotional in any way. Content should be informational, educational, entertaining, or insightful.

  • When quoting others’ work, include attributions in the body text. This should refer to the author and publication, and a link back to the original post. 

  • You may link back to your website/blog in the body text (in a natural, SEO-friendly way) and in your Author Bio.

  • You should also link to outside resources in the body text in a natural, SEO-friendly way.

  • Include 3-5 subheads.

  • Use bullet points (when applicable) for easy scanning.

  • All forms of multimedia (with copyright permissions) are welcome for embedding into a post. 

SEO Guidelines

  • Headlines should include a keyword phrase and be under 8 words long (approx. 56 characters, including spaces)

  • Body text should include at least one link to outside sources (blog post, video, podcast, infographic, whitepaper, downloadables, etc.)

  • The post summary should include the post’s keyword phrase and any alternate keywords while also accurately describing the post’s content.

  • The post summary should be between 150-160 characters (including spaces).

Author Requirements

  • Your name & credentials (if applicable)

  • A short author bio (approx. 50 words)

  • Author headshot (JPG or PNG)

  • Your post (sent as a Word or Pages document)

  • Post Summary (approx. 150-160 characters)

  • A Hero Image (optional)

  • Any multimedia (photos/graphics/video/audio/social media) that should be embedded into the post

  • Proof of right of use for any stock images and video used in the post

  • Your contact info (for internal use only) 

Submit Now

Send us an email with your content and author info to with the subject line “Content Submission”