Elements for the Perfect Enneagram 1 Bedroom Retreat

If you’re looking for a few decor elements for the perfect Enneagram 1 bedroom retreat, you’re in the right place.  We’ve put together a list of bedroom inspiration pieces based on your Enneagram type from some of our favorite stores, and we are excited to share it with you here at the market. 

Those leading with  Enneagram 1’s are perfectionistic, fair, and honest. Enneagram World Wide goes on to say the Enneagram 1 perfectionists have a strong inner critic and tend to see the world as black and white.  And while we didn’t lean heavy into the black and white in our bedroom decor, we did keep it fairly neutral as  Apartment Therapy suggested. Also, we didn’t add as much to this list as the others simply because less is less things to keep clean and organized. 

For this Enneagram type, we wanted to create a room that when you walk in, would feel organized, symmetrical and clean. We picked neutrals colors and plenty of natural textures so if you want to add your own pop of color, it’ll fit right in.  Let’s get started!

5 Light Chandelier

1. Chandelier

We love a statement piece, and this chandelier is exactly that. Plus, it can go with a variety of decor styles to include farmhouse, vintage, or industrial.

Bedside Table

2. Bedside Tables

Grab a set of these black bedside tables for a place to store and organize all the things you need to keep close by. 

Poster Bed

3. Poster Bed

This poster bed is not only beautiful, but it’s regal, and that’s how we feel about Enneagram 1’s. Plus, as one reviewer said, “I believe everyone should have a serene place to go to when the world gets tough, and this bed is mine.”

Woven Clock

4. Woven Clock

No one else got a clock in their room, but you are not like everyone else. You are prompt and mindful of time, but we also were mindful of making sure the aesthetic was apart of the function. 

Cotten Stems

5. Cotton Stems

Cotton feels fresh and reminds of clean laundry. A few stems in a heirloom vase, and you’ve added a homey vibe to your room. 

Decorative Throw Pillows

6. Decorative Pillows

We love just that touch of something special, and these neutral pillows with a burlap trim are exactly what we need in our lives. 

Bedside Table Lamps

7. Matching Bedside Lamps

These matching bedside table lamps will bring balance to your space with function. Each lamp has a USB connector for you to charge your devices from the convenience of your bedside.

Vintage Mirror

8. Vintage Mirror

We love a antique repurposed, and this mirror will not only add depth to your room, but also add a decorative feature element over a variety or dresser. 

Double Boarder Rug

9. Double Boarder Rug

Pull it altogether with a cozy rug for under that gorgeous poster bed. Plus, a great bedroom rug helps absorb sound. 

Bedside Organizer

10. Bedside Organizer

We popped this guy in for fun–slide it under your mattress for easy access to all your bedside gadgets without junking up the bedside table. We are mindful of you Enneagram 1. 

Oh the thought of being in this clean space makes it a perfect bedroom for an Enneagram 1. Do you lead with this type? What are some of your favorite decor elements for the perfect Enneagram 1 bedroom retreat? Tell us in the comments below. 

Author: Bone+Marrow