Elements for the Perfect Enneagram 4 Bedroom Retreat

If you’re looking for a few decor elements for the perfect Enneagram 4 bedroom retreat, you’re in the right place.  We’ve put together a list of bedroom inspiration pieces based on your Enneagram type from some of our favorite stores, and we are excited to share it with you here at the market. 

In the presence of a Enneagram 4, meaning, admiration, creativity, and sensitivity are so richly present. HGTV reminds readers that Type Fours are driven by a need to express themselves and their individuality and that when it comes to design, the romantic typically surrounds themselves with beauty.

For this type, we looked for unique pieces that creates a canvas for the Enneagram type 4 to customize their space to their own story, but with all the right mood-setters. Let’s get started!

Opal Glass Wall Sconce

1. Opal Glass Wall Sconce

Set the mood with a soft light that mimics a streetlight, and with a swing arm function, you can change the light direction as needed for the moment. 

Birch Forest Poster Bed

2. Birch Forest Poster Bed

It’s a gloriously romantic poster bed with a little twist on typical. Handcrafted by artisan blacksmith this metal bed is meant to mimic the beauty of birch trees.  Decorate your dreamy space with this beautiful bed frame by Anthropologie.

Firefly Wallpaper

3. Firefly Wallpaper

A accent wall in an Enneagram 4 bedroom deserves a little bit of fairy dust–or, in this case, fireflies.  Grab a few rolls of wallpaper as the focal point in your room.  

Tree of Love Frame

4. Tree of Love Frame

It’s not an ordinary photo frame–it’s a snapshot of a moment you can remember forever. Personalize this frame with you and your person’s initials for a truly customized look. 

Starry String Lights

5. Starry String Lights

One or two lights is never enough. Grab a few twinkle lights for the days or nights that require a little something special.

Professional Grade Glass Diffuser

6. Professional Grade Glass Diffuser

Smell is just as important in setting the aesthetic of a room, but you shouldn’t have to use an ordinary diffuser when you can grab a beautiful and functional one instead! 

Vintage TV Stand

7. Vintage TV Stand

This vintage TV stands has all the right shapes and textures with the functionality of a bedside table or a bench at the end of a bed.  

Totem Rug

8. Totem Rug

Pull all the right textures together for a complete look with a rug that has just a hint of something special, but only when you’re looking at just the right angle. 

Vintage Record Player

9. Vintage Record Player

Set the mood with a record player with a vintage vibe, and your perfect bedroom retreat for an Enneagram 4 will have gone the extra mile. 

Pantone Cube Storage

10. Pantone Cube Storage

It’s a clever storage container with a nod to the beauty of color.  Grab a Pantone Storage Cube as a ottoman or additional seating in your room. 

Chunky Knit Blanket

11. Chunky Knit Blanket

A giant chunky knit blanket is a perfect companion on days where you just might want to feel all the feels.  Comforting and cozy, this chunky knit blanket comes in a variety of colors (in case pink is waaaay too cliche) that will fit your style

Oh the thought of recharging in this space makes it a perfect bedroom for an Enneagram 4. Do you lead with this type? What are some of your favorite decor elements for the perfect Enneagram 4 bedroom retreat? Tell us in the comments below. 

Author: Bone+Marrow