Elements for the Perfect Enneagram 6 Bedroom Retreat

If you’re looking for a few decor elements for the perfect Enneagram 6 bedroom retreat, you’re in the right place.  We’ve put together a list of bedroom inspiration pieces based on your Enneagram type from some of our favorite stores, and we are excited to share it with you here at the market. Let’s get started!

Enneagram 6’s at their best are loyal, likeable, and responsible. Beth McChord from Your Enneagram Coach goes on to describe 6’s as the people who anticipate all of life’s dangers, and are ultimately prepared for anything.  When healthy, they are faithful, courageous, and über loyal. Apartment Therapy suggests that Enneagram 6’s are looking for a retreat filled with meaningful elements.

For this type, we grabbed traditional pieces that bring warmth, security, and that would compliment unique family heirlooms that are sure to be included. We also wanted to create a conversational space where your people can gather in close, comfortably. 

Pergola Anthro Wallpaper

1. Pergola Anthro Wallpaper

This Anthro wallpaper as a statement wall will make you feel like you are staying at a 5 star resort. It’s a subtle statement piece that will make all the difference in your space.

Cumberland Headboard with Rails

2. Cumberland Headboard

It’s a classic piece of furniture that will adapt with any changing style. The rounded headboard makes for a dramatic and clever silhouette balanced by the foot of the bed being more traditional–a perfect blend for an Enneagram 6.

Knitted Throw Pillow

3. Knitted Throw Pillow

Add a touch of coziness to your room with a knitted throw pillow that will remind you of Christmas, grandmothers, and hot chocolate.

Black Basket Pendant Light

4. Black Basket Pendant Light

Enneagram 6’s are clever, quirky, and are likely to add interesting perspectives to any conversation. So, why not do the same for lighting your room? Plus, it’ll look great whether your style is farmhouse modern or rustic industrial.

Tweed Blanket

5. Tweed Blanket

Grab a year-round knitted tweed blanket to not only decorate, but also to snuggle down into while having a meaningful conversation with your best friend on the phone or in person.

Ceramic Bud Vase

6. Ceramic Bud Vase

Joanna Gaines knows how to style a room, and if she says a vase to add fresh flowers is a must–then it’s a must. Seriously, grab a complimentary bud vase to encourage you to add beauty to your space.

Traditional Floor Length Mirror

7. Traditional Floor Length Mirror

A full length mirror not only allows you to see yourself and your outfit better, it can help a room appear larger and brighter. See a more complete reflection of yourself and know that you have what it takes to conquer the day.

Black Striped Accent Chairs

8. Black Striped Accent Chairs

We love the idea of adding a conversational area to an Enneagram 6 bedroom.  Grab two of your favorite chairs and plan for the best conversation to ensue. 

Smallwoods Hanging Canvas

9. Smallwoods Hanging Canvas

Of course you are going to have photos of your favorite people. Grab a few traditional bedside frames, but don’t forget to add something a little different like a hanging canvas from Smallwoods. 

Storage Ottoman

10. Woven Seagrass Storage Ottoman

It’s practical for storage, but seagrass also stabilizes the sea floor, provides for other marine organisms, and maintains the water quality. It’s a metaphor for all the greatness an Enneagram 6 adds to the world.

Jute Rope Basket Planter

11. Jute Rope Basket Planter

Grab a clever woven basket to add texture to a room and hide an otherwise basic planter.

Oh the thought of having sweet conversations in this room with those we love most is perfect for an Enneagram 6. Do you lead with this type? What are some of your favorite decor elements for the perfect Enneagram 6 Bedroom retreat? Tell us in the comments below. 

Author: Bone+Marrow