Elements for the Perfect Enneagram 8 Bedroom Retreat

If you’re looking for a few decor elements for the perfect Enneagram 8 bedroom retreat, you’re in the right place.  We’ve put together a list of bedroom inspiration pieces based on your Enneagram type from some of our favorite stores, and we are excited to share it with you here at the market. Let’s get started! 

Enneagram 8’s are self-confident, direct, strong, and confident. Truity says Enneagram 8’s are likely to trail blaze boldly through all walks of life.

Enneagram 8’s are often found championing the underdog and are not afraid to call a spade, a spade. The Eight is very go big or go home—everything is done with intensity and vigor. Because of this intensity, Domino encourages design that encourages their self-care and relaxation

For this type, we grabbed functional pieces in bold colors that embody the strength and vigor of the Enneagram 8 while also remembering the tenderness in which they love their people. 

Industrial Lamp

1. Industrial Lamp

Equal parts industrial and high-class sophistication, this lamp would make a perfect addition to a bedside table. Plus, it’s got USB outlets and a plug outlet for that added efficiency.

I Can and I Will Art

2. Statement Art

A little positive statement piece makes all the difference in how you start and end your day. Grab a piece that packs a punch for your walls.

Leather Lumbar Pillow

3. Leather Lumbar Pillow

This crocodile vegan-leather lumbar pillow is intricate and supportive, but with an air of wild danger, making it a perfect accent piece for an Enneagram type 8 bedroom. 

Metal Accent Table

4. Metal Accent Table

You could get a boring wooden side table for your bedroom, but as an Enneagram 8, you don’t always follow traditional rules.  Grab a metal accent table that’ll stand out in all the right ways.

Platform Bed

5. Platform Bed with Storage

Clean lines and practical storage solutions underneath makes this platform bed frame a functional yet striking addition to an Enneagram 8 bedroom.

Concrete Accent Table

6. Concrete Accent Table

You don’t have to have matching bedside tables–in fact, who came up with that rule anyway? Grab a cool, but radically different, bedside table to balance out your metal accent table.

Fire Air Plant Holder

7. Fire Air Plant Holder

Featured on our Handmade Gifts for an Enneagram 8, this this air plant holder, handcrafted to mimic a campfire, reminds us that what is dangerous can also be protecting and comforting. It’s a perfect statement piece for any Enneagram 8 decor.

Gallery Shelf

8. Gallery Shelf

We love a gallery shelf to display all your favorite people. Place it over your platform bed for a stunning focal point that will inspire you to press forward.

Gallery Frames

9. Gallery Frames

A gallery shelf without frames just would do. This set of frames will let you customize your shelf with all your favorite people layering different shapes and sizes for a completely customized look.

Ring Around the Roset Rug

10. Ring Around the Roset Rug

No space is complete without a rug to pull it all together. We picked this dark, but lucious, rug in a jewel tone to pull together all your favorite elements for your bedroom retreat.

Exposed Pendant Light

11. Exposed Pendant Light

Have a seating area in your room or just want an asymmetrical light fixture to balance the industrial light listed above? Grab a couple of pendant lights to create an unexpected feature.

Blue Velvet Rocking Chair

12. Blue Velvet Rocking Chair

Because your room should be your retreat, splurge on a cozy rocking chair (also in a jewel tone) that will rock off any remaining energy for the day. 

Oh the thought of this room is perfect for champion and mountain moving challengers. Are you an Enneagram 8? What are some of your favorite decor elements for the perfect Enneagram 8 Bedroom retreat? Tell us in the comments below. 

Author: Bone+Marrow