Enneagram and Marriage | Amy + Ian

We are excited to share with you stories of Enneagram and Marriage and today we are introducing you to Amy and Ian Mavity.  This August, we are hosting Enneagram Conversations on the Enneagram and Marriage, so we thought what better way to prep for an outstanding conversation than to explore real life couples doing life with the Enneagram.

Meet Amy and Ian.  We got an upfront seat to watch their whole love story unfold.  Basically, she liked him, he wasn’t so sure, the Lord did a thing, they fell in love, and now they are living their own happily ever after.  We are excited to share their story with you.

Amy and Ian's first photo together

Amy: Enneagram 6w7 | Ian: Enneagram 4w5

How did you meet: Well, our wonder friends Amanda use to work with Ian. She told Amy about him and Amy was instantly smitten. It was almost a year of Amy praying and hearing the Lord say “Wait.” Then, friends staged a party for us to meet. Amy was hooked! It was a few months later that Amy was praying and she heard the Lord say clearly “ Your heart is in my hands. You are my beloved.” Amy’s name means beloved. Later, that day Ian wrote her and they got married 13 months later.

Amy and Ian Wedding Photo

How Long Have You Been Married?

10 Months

How did you learn about the Enneagram?

We both found out about the enneagram from our AMAZING friends Amanda and Beth. Also, Amy’s friend Annaliese. They all helped us understand the Enneagram so much better and how it relates to our lives.

Amy, what is your favorite aspect of Ian’s Enneagram Type?

His ability to feel and love me so deeply.

Ian, what is your favorite aspect of Amy’s Enneagram Type?

Her loyalty.

And what’s the hardest part about Ian’s Enneagram Type?

That he feels so deeply. 😂 Sometimes I just want to shut it off and have fun. I have to remember that he needs to feel these feelings in order to move on and have fun.

And what’s the hardest part about Amy’s Enneagram Type?

How she is always in her head. Sometimes that means we have to pause a movie so she can figure it. Then we can move on.

Amy and Ian Photo

How has learning the Enneagram helped you understand him?

It helps me understand how he is motivated and that he processes stuff differently than me.

And how has learning the Enneagram helped you understand her?

I would have to say the same. The Enneagram has helped me know how to help her processes situations in ways that will help her. Even if I don’t understand. Also, to just sit and not fix it for her all the time.

What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned thanks to understanding the Enneagram?

Marriage is fun! It challenges us in ways we never thought. We feel that the Enneagram has help us communicate better. Ian is ready to talk about it right away while Amy, needs time to think about it. So we have met in the middle of when we communicate about something that helps both of us.

Amy Ian and Tillie

And just because we’re gift people, we wanted to know–

I really feel loved when he gifts me: Flowers and words. Ian has a way with words and I can’t always accept them well face to face (I’m working on it) so when he writes them down they mean the world to me.

I really feel loved when she gifts me: hings I enjoy and collect because, she shows me that she see me for who I am.

So much love for this sweet couple and their new puppy Tillie–we loved learning more about Amy and Ian’s journey with the Enneagram and how it’s impacted their marriage. 

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