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We are excited to share with you stories of Enneagram and Marriage and today we are introducing you to Calvin and Mollie–the creators of the Enneagram Candles we featured last year.  This August, we are hosting Enneagram Conversations on the Enneagram and Marriage, so we thought what better way to prep for an outstanding conversation than to explore real life couples doing life with the Enneagram.  We are excited to share their story with you.

Calvin and Mollie's first date

Calvin: Enneagram 7w7 | Mollie: Enneagram 9w1

How did you meet?

We met in 7th grade! We grew up attending the same church and on a youth group ski trip to Colorado we really bonded. Calvin is sneaky and had his friend distract me by showing me a view of the mountains while he grabbed my razor flip phone and called himself, thus successfully stealing my number. By the grace of God, I figured out who I was as a daughter of Christ in college and got re-connected with Calvin. I was at Colorado State, Calvin was at Colorado Christian and we quickly fell in love throughout college and got married after graduation. It’s been a blessed adventure!

Calvin and Mollie Wedding

How Long Have You Been Married?

4 Years

How did you learn about the Enneagram?

We had been married about a year when my mother-in-law introduced us to the Enneagram. Her husband and her gained so much insight into who they were and their marriage so we gradually fell in love with the Enneagram teachings. What a blessing it’s been!

Mollie, what is your favorite aspect of Calvin’s Enneagram Type?

My favorite aspect is his brilliant mind full of Christ-like ideas and how he expresses ideas with great zeal. I also love his deep rooted faith that results in positivity and joy in the day to day. Okay, the humor is awesome too.

Calvin, what is your favorite aspect of Mollie’s Enneagram Type?

I love how she finds relaxation in nature because she challenges me to get outdoors more. Sometimes I need that push to go enjoy nature over technology and always enjoy it when I do. It’s also great for our marriage.

And what’s the hardest part about Calvin’s Enneagram Type?

Entertainment. I think it’s been a challenge to still understand him. He is constantly going, going, going and always filling up with more information or entertainment. But he also shows me some really funny content

And what’s the hardest part about Mollie’s Enneagram Type?

Because we work together, this is more pertaining to work– when her Type 1 wing comes out; she can spend a ton of time on something that doesn’t necessarily bring value to the company but she is stuck in making it perfect.

Calvin and Mollie at Work

How has learning the Enneagram helped you understand him?

Learning about the Type 7 has opened my eyes to how Calvin sees the world. Both as an opportunity and as a fun game. It’s helped me understand his depth of thinking that isn’t always revealed in front of everyone but that I get to draw out. It’s helped me to celebrate his natural joy and warmth and magnetic energy that draws people to him.

And how has learning the Enneagram helped you understand her?

It’s helped me understand that you’re born a certain way. So with that said, the weakness’s of her Enneagram type will always be a part of her which I need to accept but also encourage her to health. Also, the ways she loves me I’ve learned (from the Enneagram) are her natural strengths and I can continue to remind myself to be so thankful for how she is wired and encourage her to pursue her gifts in life

What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned thanks to understanding the Enneagram?

What a question! I’ve learned that we have learned behavior and natural, God-given personality and the two can become muddled. Especially for someone like me who is a recovering people pleaser. With help from the Enneagram teaching I’ve been able to start the process of discovering truly how I was made and what is learned behavior from growing up and circumstances. Along with the tools to understand my husband on a deeper level and celebrate his heart and unique mind!

Calvin and Mollie Recent

And just because we’re gift people, we wanted to know–

I really feel loved when he gifts me: Flowers (so soothing and gorgeous!) or something that he knows is special to me. Example being a hand-painted egg ornament from a town we visited. I have this strange thing for eggs and enjoy decorative painted eggs 🙂

I really feel loved when she gifts me: Chick-fil-a breakfast; specifically the Chicken minis! When it’s a surprise it’s even better because I’m always in the mood for Chicken Mini’s.

So much love for this amazing couple–we loved learning more about Calvin and Mollie’s journey with the Enneagram and how it’s impacted their marriage. 

Make sure to check out their Enneagram Candles, and sign up for our Enneagram + Marriage conversation we are having on August 20 and 21, 2020 with Enneagram + Marriage Podcaster Christa Hardin. Head over to our Events tab to register to hold your spot now.

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