Enneagram and Marriage | Kaitlin + Lance

We are excited to share with you stories of Enneagram and Marriage and today we are introducing you to Kaitlin and Lance Garrison.  This August, we are hosting Enneagram Conversations on the Enneagram and Marriage, so we thought what better way to prep for an outstanding conversation than to explore real life couples doing life with the Enneagram.

Meet Kaitlin and Lance.  We’ve known Kaitlin and Lance since they were in high school youth group.  We specifically got to witness the pursuit of Kaitlin’s heart, that ultimately led to a wedding and a life together. We are excited to share their story with you.

First Photo of Kaitlin and Lance

Kaitlin: Enneagram 9w1 | Lance: Enneagram 7w6

How did you meet?Lance and I went to the same youth group in high school and had similar friend groups, but we were never friends! (Lance swears he liked me and tried to talk me a million times and I ignored him, but– we both have different sides of the story!) We ended up going to the same college later on, went on a couple dates and it was history from there!

Kaitlin and Lance Wedding Photo

How Long Have You Been Married?

5 Years

How did you learn about the Enneagram?

Kaitlin is a lover of all kinds of personality tests and learned about the Enneagram through Instagram. Then of course, forced Lance to take it.

Kaitlin, what is your favorite aspect of Lance’s Enneagram Type?

I love that Lance makes anything and everything fun. We have the goofiest relationship and it is literally my favorite. His ability to rally people, build and lead teams, and bring creative vision constantly amazes me.

Lance, what is your favorite aspect of Kaitlin’s Enneagram Type?

Kaitlin is accepting, never expecting me or others to change for her. She loves people as they are and does not put unnecessary expectations on others just to fit in her box. She’s also EXTREMELY trusting! She does not second guess me or doubt me. She takes my words as truth and always believes the best about me and others.

And what’s the hardest part about Lance’s Enneagram Type?

Lance is super on the go! He’s got work, plans with friends, things to do, etc. He thrives being active all day long and is energized by people and activities. I, however, get exhausted when I do that! So we’ve compromised on different things when he wants to go do stuff and I want some rest 

And what’s the hardest part about Kaitlin’s Enneagram Type?

Well, Kaitlin is pretty much perfect! I wouldn’t want her any other way. But, (lol) I would say the hardest part is not being attentive.

Kaitlin and Lance

How has learning the Enneagram helped you understand him?

It helps me know what fuels/drains him, what scares him, how to address different things, and how to cheer him on and love him better!

And how has learning the Enneagram helped you understand her?

It helps me understand WHY she does what she does!

What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned thanks to understanding the Enneagram?

It’s helped us to appreciate one another’s personalities and honor each other better.

Kaitlin and Lance recent

And just because we’re gift people, we wanted to know–

I really feel loved when he gifts me: With a really….really… really…really long hug 🙂

I really feel loved when she gifts me: A gift that I wanted.

So much love for this sweet couple–we loved learning more about Kaitlin and Lance’s journey with the Enneagram and how it’s impacted their marriage. 

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