Enneagram Christmas Gift Boxes

We’d love to share with you some additional Enneagram Christmas gift ideas with you as you prepare to shop this holiday season.  For those of you who know and love the Enneagram, you know what a powerful tool it can be in understanding your own heart as well as the heart of others.  The Enneagram dives deep into motivations or the root of our behavior. This tool gives us the ability to identify unhealthy patterns or tendencies and hopefully change for the better. For us, it makes the Enneagram a sacred space.  Here at Bone+Marrow, we love to celebrate within that space making it safe for whatever stage you’re in.

If you’ve been following our Enneagram gift series on the blog, you know how much we love being intentional with gift-giving based on Enneagram type.  For that reason, we are excited to share with you all today ThreeandNineDesigns, an Etsy Shop curating Enneagram Christmas gift boxes.  The quality and thoughtfulness of these Enneagram Christmas gifts and the products within each box will speak to the heart of your friend, co-worker, or family member in a way that says: I see and love exactly who you are. 

We love being intentional, so we’ve included their thoughts behind each item featured. 

Enneagram 1

Three and Nine Designs Enneagram 1 Box

Gold Dipped Circle Necklace: We absolutely love dainty necklaces and this is one of our favorites! We picked this for a 1 because a circle symbolizes perfection and the Enneagram 1’s are known for their perfectionistic tendencies.

Linen Bee Wine Tote: Bees are busy and focused like 1’s. They create magnificent hives that are intricate and orderly much like our 1 friends prefer. While the bee reminds them of their great qualities, the wine they can place inside reminds them to sit back and take a minute to reflect on all their accomplishments. *wine not included

Fiddle and Fern Speckled Tin Mug: This mug comes with calming tea to quiet the inner critic that the 1’s struggle so much with. A perfect way to relax during such a busy season!

“Tis the Season” Buffalo Plaid Print: A Threeandninedesigns original Christmas print. Reminding our Type 1 friend that its the season to be Jolly.  Don’t fret about all the things you didn’t get done this year, take a slower pace and enjoy the simple things this Christmas. *frame not included

Enneagram 2

Three and Nine Designs Enneagram 2 Box

Gold “I am loved” Bracelet: This is to remind our 2 friends that they are deeply loved for who they are and not what they do.

Share some Merry Mug: We all know if anyone will be sharing the love this Christmas it is our 2 Helpers.

Pineapple Waffle Weave Hand Towel: Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality, warmth, and friendship–all things that remind us of a 2.

O Holy Night Ornament: While we won’t attempt to label Mary with an Enneagram type, we just love what a picture of love and hospitality in motherhood form that she was to God incarnate.

Merry and Bright Buffalo Plaid Print: Are there any two better Christmas words to describe our type 2 friends? *frame not included

Enneagram 3

Enneagram 3 Gift Box

Tortoise Shell Hoops: Because we all know how trendy tortoise shell is right now, here is a pair of adorable hoops for the Type 3 to wear to all the Christmas parties we know they will be attending!

A Fern and Fiddle Speckled Mug: We know most 3’s run on coffee and this mug will hold a big cup of it!

Seasonal Coffee: To keep Enneagram 3’s energized for all their work

“Sleigh all day” ornament:  If you know a type 3, no description is necessary for this ornament seemingly crafted for them! 

Jingle all the way: A Threeandninedesigns original buffalo plaid print. 

Enneagram 4

Three and Nine Designs Enneagram 4 Box

Snowflake Ornament: Every snowflake is unique in its design. We chose a snowflake for the 4 because they value individualism and their own uniqueness.

“Life is a story” Gold Bracelet: Every person has their own story, their own joys and hardships. Fours especially value their story and want to enter into other people’s stories and relate to them on a deep level.

Fern and Fiddle Green Speckled Mug: When 4’s want to contemplate life or just lose themselves in a good book, this is the perfect mug to assist them in that process.

“Believe” Fraser Fir Scented Candle: Sometimes 4’s can get lost in their own thoughts and sometimes those thoughts can become negative. We chose this candle for the 4 to bring them back to the present and remind them to believe in the God of truth.

“Baby it’s Cold Outside.” A original Threeandninedesigns print. *frame not included

Enneagram 5

Three and Nine Designs Enneagram 5 Box

Anthropologie Inspired Earrings: We love the simplicity of these earrings and think a 5 will too!

CC Beanie: It has been a cold winter already here and these popular beanies are the perfect accessory for Christmas! The neutral color goes with anything and our Type 5 friends will love the coziness it brings while they ponder all of life’s questions.

Christmas Tree Ornament: There is something truly inspiring about a winter wonderland. Fives want to know how the world works, the details behind daily life, and this ornament is a reminder to them of the beauty and awe that comes at Christmas time.

“Let it snow” Buffalo Plaid Print: A Threeandninedesigns original Christmas print. Because our Investigator friends would probably just love a snow day where they can stay inside by the fire and read all day. *frame not included

Enneagram 6

Three and Nine Designs Enneagram 6 Box

Rose gold “Brave” Bracelet: This bracelet reminds our 6 friends to be courageous both for themselves and for others.

“Baking Memories” Wooden Spoon: A great tool any 6 can use to build relationship with those they love.

“Tis the season” Tea Towel: We know that a 6 is great at bringing people together around the holidays.

Teleties: Our loyalist friends are reliable and hardworking, so here is a cute way for them to throw their hair up while they are busy about the season.

“We Wish You a Merry Christmas”: A Threeandninedesigns buffalo plaid print *frame not included

Enneagram 7

Three and Nine Designs Enneagram 7 Box

Gold Mountain Necklace: So many 7s we know love to travel. This necklace showcases the sense of adventure we all love about them!

Red Flute Tumbler: This champagne flute is such a fun and pretty way to enjoy a glass of sparkling wine this season. We all know that our 7 friends bring sparkle into our lives!

Ice Skate Ornament: Sevens are all about experiences and I’m sure a number of them will be convincing their more reluctant friends to do something fun like ice skating this holiday season.

“Have yourself a Merry little Christmas” Tea Towel: We know that if anyone will have a Merry Christmas this year it will be our carefree 7’s

Threeandninedesigns original buffalo plaid print: “O Holy Night” *frame not included

Enneagram 8

Three and Nine Designs Enneagram 8 Box

“Ho Ho Ho” Mug: We know our 8 friends are about just as busy as Santa bringing about change in our world.

Micah 6:8 Bar Necklace: He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Because 8’s are all about bringing justice to every aspect of life

Chocolate Covered Sspresso Beans: To keep the 8 energized and on task.

Set of 4 Tele Ties: Pull the 8’s hair back while they are busy conquering the world

 “Joy to the World” Print: Original Three and Nine Designs print because that is ultimately what the 8’s want to do. *frame not included.

Enneagram 9

Three and Nine Designs Enneagram 9 Box

CC Beanie: Gray is the perfect shade to wear with almost anything and we think a 9 will love the gift of warmth this holiday season.

Snowflake Mug: Doesn’t this mug look perfect for a cozy cup of cocoa? We thought so too, and we know a 9 will enjoy every quiet moment they get with it.

Feather Earrings: We picked these earrings for a 9 to symbolize their dreamer characteristics. We love these earrings so much we may have just bought a pair for ourselves 😉

“Silent Night” Print: A Threeandninedesigns original buffalo plaid print because we know at their core our 9 friends are all just wishing for a silent night.


We love these sweet and intentional boxes curated specifically for each Enneagram type. These make great Enneagram Christmas gifts, and we’d love to know your thoughts below.  

Author: Bone+Marrow