Enneagram Coffee Roasts | 9 Days of Enneagram Christmas

We are continuing on our continue our Nine Days of Enneagram Christmas on our Instagram giveaways featuring our friends at Enneagram Coffee and their Enneagram Coffee roasts which we feature in our Enneagram Christmas Gift Guides for 2020. We are big fans of coffee, have sipped and savored theirs, and are so excited to share this brand with you.  Apart from making great coffee, each of these roasts also include a morning affirmation, and having listed to the why behind each type, we’ve fallen even more in love. If you missed our Enneagram Conversations on Affirmations hosted by Michael and Jessica Beans of Enneagram Coffee, make sure you check it out as they explain the thoughtful process behind each affirmation.

Enneagram Coffee has developed nine unique Enneagram coffee roasts for the nine unique types with profiles that best represent the characteristics of each type but.  

Also can we talk about the packaging? It’s one of our favorite parts. Be sure to notice their extreme intentionality to showcase the complex characteristics of each individual in all the packaging details and roast blends. Plus, as if the encouraging boost of caffeine isn’t enough, they’ve also included a daily affirmation that will encourage the DNA of each Enneagram type. 

Check out each Enneagram coffee roast below, and get a 10% discount when you order using the promo code BONEANDMARROW.

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Enneagram One

Enneagram 1 Coffee
Enneagram 1 Coffee Affirmation

Sourced: Brazil

Flavor Notes: Nutty, Dark Chocolate, Berry, Balanced

This exceptionally consistent roast has a noticeably sweet and clean mouthfeel, with a slight tartness alongside the dominating nutty and dark chocolate notes. This single-estate farm bean has been a finalist in the Cup of Excellence for multiple years. In general, Brazil has been a stable contributor by being the world’s top coffee producer for over 150 years.

Morning Affirmation: As you start your day, remember…

Integrity. Fairness. Practicality. These are just a few of your superpowers. Many say they want to leave the world better than they found it, but you are one of the few that will actually do this. Defender of truth, keeper of traditions – you are some of the most consistent and dependable people we know. And yet, as you sip your coffee, take this time to reflect on what it might feel like to rearrange your priorities sometimes. Take a moment to put greater value on things not contingent upon productivity and obligation. Things like relationships, joy, connection, affirmation, forgiveness, adventure; things that can be messy but are just as essential. Though you inspire us all to be better, your value isn’t in your striving to be good enough. Remember, progress is better than perfection. Your ultimate strength and value will come when you give grace to others, and more importantly, to yourself. Go into the day with the assurance that in the midst of all your shortcomings, You. Are. Good.

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Enneagram Two

Enneagram 2 Coffee
Enneagram 2 Coffee Affirmation

Sourced: Ethiopia

Flavor Notes: Blueberry, Toffee, Floral, Black Tea, Jasmine

Ethiopian coffee is generally recognized as one of the most pleasantly flavorful beans in the world. Assertively sweet and floral with distinct blueberry aroma and comforting tea-like and chocolate notes. The gracious floral tones and deeply rich fruity flavors can’t be matched.

Morning Affirmation: As you start your day, remember…

You are a steaming hot drink in a giant mug on a cold, cloudy day. You are an intentional conversation. You are an advocate. You see the goodness in others better than they will ever see it within themselves. You are calloused hands after a lifetime of caregiving. You take time for people. The rest of us are bustling around, moving too fast and forgetting each other, and you choose to be different. You remember others. But please, remember to take that same time for yourself. Saying “no” might just become your saving grace. Be free and independent at times, just to reconnect with yourself. Love deeply without strings, as this will be your ultimate gift of love to others. You are imperfect, and that is beautiful and makes you so worthy of the love you give to the rest of us. Now go out and connect with your world. 

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Enneagram Three

Enneagram 3 Coffee
Enneagram 3 Coffee Affirmations

Sourced: Costa Rica

Flavor Notes: Cocoa, Lemon, Smooth, Balanced

Brightness, lightness, smoothness, deliciousness… just a whole lot of “ness” is what this coffee brings to the table daily. Costa Rica is known for producing some of the world’s most award-winning coffees. This particular region’s coffee has charming fruity acidity of dried fruit that makes it naturally stand out among its peers. Lemongrass zest, rich and smooth cocoa notes, and grounded almond.

Morning Affirmation: As you start your day, remember…

You are the encore. You are a game-winning touchdown. Nobody crushes goals like you and destroys a checklist with quite as much flair. And yet, know you are more than your successes. Don’t forget to let your vulnerability show through. Be you. Not what others expect you to be, but the best version of you and you alone. Dig deep within yourself – who do YOU want to be? Be honest with yourself. Which of your dreams are not contingent on what others think or say? Please know, you are enough. You’ve done enough. And even though you will continue setting new goals and finding new dreams, you can sleep well at night knowing you’ve done your best. You are marvelous. You are valuable. Not because of what you do, but because of who you are. Now go out and shine.

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Enneagram Four

Enneagram 4 Coffee
Enneagram 4 Coffee Affirmation

Sourced: Tanzania

Flavor Notes: Sweet, Citric, Floral, Cocoa

This Tanzanian Peaberry is floral and mild, but don’t miss the deep cocoa undertones and the tart citric bite. The Peaberry bean is a rare mutation (around 5% of the world’s coffee beans) which creates the singular oval shape and uncommon taste. Peaberry coffee is created when a single coffee seed develops in the fruit where two would normally be. Because of this, the flavor profile is diverse, artful, and can be more intense than other types.

Morning Affirmation: As you start your day, remember…

You are authentic lyrics to a favorite song that speak more deeply than simple words ever could. While others splash around on the surface, you dive in deep – sure, it can be dark down there, but you discover greater truths of yourself and others through the effort. Don’t forget to come up for air. Laugh, joke, and be free. Don’t take yourself so seriously, and yet, do take yourself seriously. Do them both. This complexity is what makes you so worthy, so valuable, and so unique. Embrace the extra. It looks good on you. And yet, be content with the ordinary. This may be where you find complete peace. Sing at the top of your lungs. Feel all the feelings. You know them better than anyone else and can be a catalyst for authenticity and self-discovery. Your gift to the world is you. Be present. Be grateful. Be you.

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Enneagram Five

Enneagram 5 Coffee
Enneagram 5 Coffee Affirmation

Sourced: Kenya

Flavor Notes: Grapefruit, Caramelized, Sugar, Earthy, Tomato

Brashly acidic, ripe fruit, and rich sugar. Grown in the Kirinyaga region, this single-origin coffee is complex with grapefruit tartness balanced out by the sweetness of cream and contrast of tomato and earthiness. The SL-28 plant was identified by Scott Laboratories – noted for its extraordinary competence at producing high-quality coffee. It’s an example of how profound scientific insight combined with pioneering coffee growing skill can give birth to truly luminous coffee beans.

Morning Affirmation: As you start your day, remember…

Observe. Seek. Understand. You are a deep well of inquisition, truth, musing, skepticism, and dry humor. You are most likely much smarter than the person that wrote this and that’s ok. Your knowledge and visionary perspective is what keeps our world moving. You are truly ahead of your time. Know, however, that life is made up of stuff that cannot always be unpacked, taken apart, and then precisely reassembled. Realize that mere observations are not enough to experience the richness life has to offer. Explore the realities that exist beyond your cognitive reality. Strive to move from your headspace into your body and emotions. This will open up your world in more ways than you know and might even expand your connection to the universe and, better yet, to the people in it. Now go out and experience your world.

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Enneagram Six

Enneagram 6 Coffee
Enneagram 6 Coffee Affirmations

Sourced: Peru

Flavor Notes: Toffee, Grapefruit, Chocolate, Eucalyptus

This Peruvian roast is deliciously complex. On the one hand, it’s supportively sweet with a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, but it can have the tartness of grapefruit and evasiveness of eucalyptus as well. Though this roast can be acidic, the soft and peaceful flavors of toffee and chocolate are there below the surface; they are just harder to find at first.

Morning Affirmation: As you start your day, remember…

You are true blue to your core. You are there when others are not. You are quirky and funny, like seriously, you’re better at laughing at yourself than most other humans. We all take ourselves too seriously sometimes and you keep reminding us not to. Your loyalty is unmatched. Your reliability is unwavering. Trust yourself. Reflect on how things have worked out in the past and move into your world assured that you will be okay. Something may still go wrong. And that’s okay. Overthinking can’t rearrange the future. Be at peace with your world and your tribe. You take care of others so well. Don’t forget to do so for yourself. Others may not stick it out as long as you do and this is okay too. Take it in stride and let it grow you. You are valuable. You are strong. Go slay your dragons. Be courageous. Be brave. Charge headlong into your day and know that you’re going to be alright.

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Enneagram Seven

Enneagram 7 Coffee
Enneagram 7 Coffee Affirmations

Sourced: Kenya/Brazil Blend

Flavor Notes: Tropical Fruit, Nutty, Caramel, Bright

This Kenyan/Brazilian Blend is a consummate dilettante, a burst of bright and rich flavors. The electric citric energy and fruity spontaneity of the Kenyan are invigorating, while the naturally processed Brazilian brings the practical resilience and delightfully grounded chocolate and nutty notes to your cup.

Morning Affirmation: As you start your day, remember…

You are infinite. You are laughter and ease. You are creativity and brilliant sunlight. You are innovation and brainstorming and a whirlwind of ideas. You are a sunny day on the coast, catching the perfect wave. You may not even read this to the end because your inspiration may be piqued and you’re on to the next adventure. That’s okay. You’re more inspired than most, so you be you. However, in the whirlwind of plans and excitement you have coming in the day, we invite you to rest in this moment of silence with your cup of coffee. Being present with who you are in the stillness. Be. Just be. The next adventure will be there. And you will experience it better than anyone else. Embrace your joys as well as the mundane. Both are useful and both have something to tell you. Now go out and experience your world

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Enneagram Eight

Enneagram 8 Coffee
Enneagram 8 Coffee Affirmations

Sourced: Columbia

Flavor Notes: Chocolate, Fresh Fruit, Bold, Full, Syrupy

You will immediately notice this Colombian coffee’s big energetic and intense chocolate notes out front and kicking down doors. What you may miss entirely are the lighter and more vulnerable hints of fresh fruit that then step through, because this roast likes to hide them behind its bold and relentless exterior.

Morning Affirmation: As you start your day, remember…

You are momentum and intensity. You are a mountain standing firm in a world that is tossing and turning and blowing all about. You are determination and resiliency. Your passion is pretty much unmatched. You are courage and inspiration to the rest of us. You are a hard-charging high performer that won’t be pinned down by anyone. Because of this, you will make an impact in this life. You are strength…and yet, please know you are the strongest when in connection with those you love. Vulnerability could seem crippling, however this will actually be your saving grace and ultimately this is what will change the world. As you enjoy this cup of coffee, rest in the assurance that armor may not be needed today. Now go out and crush your day. 

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Enneagram Nine

Enneagram 9 Coffee
Enneagram 9 Coffee Affirmation

Sourced: Tri-Blend

Flavor Notes: Cacao, Nutty, Floral, Grapefruit

This blend of Kenyan, Brazilian, and Ethiopian is sweet, yet has a tart bite. The Brazilian brings notes of cashew and cacao, followed by the receptive berry sweetness and floral of Ethiopian. However, don’t miss the slightly abrasive and acidic kick from the Kenyan. This calming blend is an essential part of anyone’s day.

Morning Affirmation: As you start your day, remember…

You are peace. You are light. You are a quiet forest filled with the smell of pine and morning air. You are earth and rain and stars – the stuff of the universe. You are bigger than you think. Quit holding hostage the thing that is trying to tell you something. It holds a secret that your peaceful mind tries to suppress. It is there to guide you and bring you what you ultimately seek. Can there be calm without a storm? You can hold everyone’s truths better than they can. Speak YOUR truth. Speak up. Be heard. Let your anger free. You have a voice that is worth hearing. You are glorious – a breath of fresh air in a world that is suffocating. Speak your dreams and then pursue them. Actually, run after them. No, really, get up out of your chair right now and run after them, even if it means running into someone – conflict isn’t always the enemy. Good is the enemy of great. Now awaken that greatness and set it free.  

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Author: Bone+Marrow