Enneagram Essential Oils from Urton Co | 9 Days of Enneagram Christmas

We are excited to begin our Nine Days of Enneagram Christmas by featuring the Enneagram essential oils of Urton Co.  We are hosting 9 days of giveaways on our Instagram as we celebrate all 9 Enneagram types with some of our favorite finds of the year, and these Enneagram essential oils from Urton Co definitely made our list.

We shop for Enneagram gifts year round, so it’s no surprise that we stumbled upon the Urton Co while shopping for Enneagram Gifts Under $25 back in July. These essential oils are sweet blends that can help move you along your specific type’s integration path, and make great Stocking Stuffer gifts too! And who doesn’t love being able to reach into their purse or bag and pull out some comfort, healing, or relief instantly? We do! 

At $15 each (with shipping included), these essential oil rollers are a unique Enneagram gift to really see, know, and celebrate someone this holiday season. Grab a roller (or two), and make sure to like and follow Bone+Marrow Market and theUrtonCo on Instagram today (December 5) for a chance to win a set of Enneagram essential oils.

Reformer Blend Essential OIl

Reformer Essential Oil Blend

A crisp and clean citrus essential oil blend.

Enneagram 2 Essential Oil

Helper Essential Oil Blend

A warm citrus spice essential oil blend.

Achiever Essential Oil Blend

Achiever Essential Oil Blend

A rich earthly mint essential oil blend.

Individualist Essential Oil Blend

Individualist Essential Oil Blend

A herbal citrus spice essential oil blend.

Investigative Oil Blend

Investigator Essential Oil Blend

A sweet woodsy floral essential oil blend.

Loyalist Essential Oil

Loyalist Essential Oil Blend

A sweet rich citrus essential oil blend.

Enthusiast Essential Oil

Enthusiast Essential Oil Blend

A sweet floral citrus essential oil blend.

Challenger Blend Essential Oil

Challenger Essential Oil Blend

A sweet, woody citrus essential oil blend.

Peacemaker Essential Oil Blend

Peacemaker Essential Oil Blend

A sweet fresh mint essential oil blend.

The Urton Co’s Etsy storefront has a variety of essential oil blends in addition to her Enneagram essential oils. In fact, she has a few blends specifically for anxiety and motherhood. You’ll want to make sure to bookmark this shop for all your future essential oil gifts ideas.  

Also make sure to check out the Enneagram gift lists we put together featuring the Urton Co’s essential oils next. 

Author: Bone+Marrow