Enneagram Type 2 Gifts Under $25

You know we love a thoughtful Enneagram gift, and we also know that thoughtfulness doesn’t mean expensive. That’s why we’ve complied a list of Enneagram Type 2 Gifts under $25.  Whether you are shopping for a birthday, an anniversary, or just-because, we want to make sure you can be thoughtful and sincere without breaking the bank. 

Jessica Beans of Enneagram Coffee  reminded us in our Enneagram Conversations series that true affirmation comes from truly listening and understanding the other person.  When we interview and listen to people about their gift-buying and gift-receiving experiences, we hear over and over that the best gifts are when people feel seen and loved for exactly who they are. That’s our mission and our WHY here at Bone + Marrow Market, and today, we are making it affordable by keeping the thoughtfulness under budget. 

Check out our list for Enneagram Type 2 gifts under $25.  We’ve grabbed products from our favorite online stores, but we are always looking for more! Make sure to let us know if you are a artisan or maker with the perfect gift to add to this list. We’d love to meet you! 

Leather Bracelet

The core desire of the Enneagram 2 is to to be loved, wanted, needed, and appreciated.  Place your own words on a leather bracelet where they can see and know how much you love them all the time.

Enneagram 2 Card by Three Letter Birds

The perfect greeting for your favorite Helper-Lover-Enneagram Two. Let them know how much you appreciate their warmth, love, and care with this meaningful and personal card.

Backyard Homestead

Grow, preserve, and sustain a home with tips from the Backyard Homestead.  An especially great gift for the Enneagram 2 who is interested in creating a self-sustaining household.

Bath Pillow

Care well for your favorite Enneagram 2 as they care for everyone around them. Encourage their own self-care with a bath pillow. Throw in some bubbles and you’ve got a winning gift. 

"Wanted" Enneagram 2 Candle

It’s a candle that speaks to the heart of our Enneagram 2’s gently reminding them how much who they are, and not what they do, matters to us. Use the code BONEANDMARROW to get 10% off your order.

Enneagram 2 Coffee

You are a steaming hot drink in a giant mug on a cold, cloudy day. You are an intentional conversation. You are an advocate. That’s how the morning affirmation begins on this bag of Enneagram Type 2 coffee by our friends at Enneagram Coffee.  Use code BONEANDMARROW to get 10% off your order.

Crockpot Food Warmer

This helpful little gadget will make sure that lunchtime meal is ready to go. Meal prepping Enneagram 2’s are sure to love this clever crock-pot to go! 

Enneagram 2 Essential Oil

Enjoy a blend of custom essential oils that will help your Enneagram 2 remember they are so very loved. 

Personalized Cookie Stamp

For the stay-at-home days, the Sunday afternoons, and the time she volunteered to make 12 dozen cookies for PTA, get the Enneagram 2 baker a personalized cookie stamp so we all know who to thank. 

Travel Journal

Enneagram type 7’s aren’t the only types that enjoy a good adventure.  In fact, Enneagram type 2’s make the best travel buddies.  Grab this unique travel gift to help the Enneagram 2 journal and document their discoveries. 

Love Letters of Great Men

Enjoy the very best love letters ever written–no one will enjoy this more than an Enneagram 2.

Automatic Pan Stirrer

Every once in a while, the helper needs a little help.  Especially when they are putting their heart and soul into a delicious meal. Grab a auto pan stirrer, and free up their hands for other tasks.

Drink More Water Bottle

It’s a cute bottle that has all the potential to communicate: I love you and I want you around for a long time–drink your water. It all depends on the card you send with it. 

Ticket Stub Diary

Keep all the tickets to your favorite musicals, ballets, operas, train rides, and movies all close with this clever diary that won’t let you forget a single perfect moment.

Book Reading Light

We know Enneagram 2’s are book junkies and probably have a stack by their bed or favorite chair. These neck reading lights will save their eyes from straining. 

We loved shopping for Enneagram Type 2 gifts under $25.  We know that thoughtfulness can still happen when you’re shopping on a budget. In every occasion there is an opportunity to appreciate the unique characteristics of an Enneagram 2. What are some of your favorite characteristics of the Enneagram type 2? Tell us in the comments below, and make sure to check out these other posts for more gift ideas for an Enneagram 2 next. 

Author: Bone+Marrow