Enneagram Type 3 Gifts Under $25

You know we love a thoughtful Enneagram gift, and we also know that thoughtfulness doesn’t mean expensive. That’s why we’ve complied a list of Enneagram Type 3 Gifts under $25.  Whether you are shopping for a birthday, an anniversary, or just-because, we want to make sure you can be thoughtful and sincere without breaking the bank. 

Jessica Beans of Enneagram Coffee  reminded us in our Enneagram Conversations series that true affirmation comes from truly listening and understanding the other person.  When we interview and listen to people about their gift-buying and gift-receiving experiences, we hear over and over that the best gifts are when people feel seen and loved for exactly who they are. That’s our mission and our WHY here at Bone + Marrow Market, and today, we are making it affordable by keeping the thoughtfulness under budget. 

Check out our list for Enneagram Type 3 gifts under $25.  We’ve grabbed products from our favorite online stores, but we are always looking for more! Make sure to let us know if you are a artisan or maker with the perfect gift to add to this list. We’d love to meet you! 

100 Day Goal Journal

Your Enneagram 3 may have a goal, but do they have a plan to get there? If not, this 100 Day Goal Journal will give macro and micro prompts for accomplishing that big goal. Because the only way to eat an elephant sized goal, is one bite at a time. 

Enneagram 3 by Three Letter Birds

The perfect greeting for your favorite Achiever-Performer-Enneagram Three. Let them know how much you appreciate their ambition, optimism, and determination with this meaningful and personal card.

Enneagram 3 Coffee

You are the encore. You are a game-winning touchdown. Nobody crushes goals like you and destroys a checklist with quite as much flair. And yet, know you are more than your successes…is how this bag reads on the back.

Grab a bag of Enneagram Type 3 coffee with the coupon code BONEANDMARROW for 10% off your order and you’ll have a few dollars leftover to grab a mug or a card to go with.

"Enough" Enneagram 3 Candle

Send a message Enneagram 3’s long to hear and can be reminded of with each use. This candle, made by our friends at Continued Good, is a perfect and thoughtful handmade gift. Use the code BONEANDMARROW for 10% off your order.

Enneagram 3 Pencils

With cute phrases like:

  • Coffee is my Love Language
  • Winning is my sport
  • Well, that was a waste of time 

These pencils nod to the idiosyncrasies of our favorite Enneagram 3’s. 

Personalized Airpod Case

If your Enneagram 3 has a set of Airpods, take it up a notch with a personalized leather case. 

Airplant Holder

We love a good triangle–it’s balanced and stable. It’s also 3 sided, which reminds us of our Enneagram 3 friends.  These geometric airplant holders are a clever twist (with minimal effort) on a houseplant.

Jade Face Roller

Your Enneagram 3 works hard, but her face shouldn’t show it. Jade Rollers are known for removing toxins from the skin, smoothing fine lines, decreasing dark circles and under-eye bags, plus easing tension headaches.  This should be in every Enneagram 3’s vanity. 

Minimalist Concrete Ring Holder

It’s modern with a hint of gold; it will elevate the worth of the rings on it making them look incredibly valuable– much like an Enneagram 3 has the capacity bring incredible value to any room they are in.  

Fabric Shaver

Keep his or her your clothes looking fresh and new–just the way the Enneagram 3 appreciates it.

Italian Leaf Earrings

Versatile to any outfit and most scenarios. Plus, these gorgeous handmade Italian leather earrings are lightweight not to weigh you down as our Enneagram 3 friends take on the day. 

Travel Sized Garment Steamer

No one likes to look a mess–especially when they are traveling.  Grab a travel sized garment steamer that can easily get tossed in an overnight bag for the Enneagram 3 on-the-go.

Box of Emotions

If you are an Enneagram 3, you’ve probably spent a lot of time reading other people’s emotions and reactions, and very little time paying attention to your own. In fact, do you know how you are feeling right now? This helpful box of cards will give you the right words, and it won’t judge you for them. 

Art Before Breakfast

You were born to be creative and mimic your Creator.  Stop, pause, and learn the art of letting your day start creatively before the tasks take over.

Tiny Triangle Studs

Again we love a good triangle. Except earrings are just earrings until you share how much you love the hard work, the value, and the quality that your Enneagram 3 brings to the table. 

We loved shopping for Enneagram Type 3 gifts under $25.  We know that thoughtfulness can still happen when you’re shopping on a budget. In every occasion there is an opportunity to appreciate the unique characteristics of an Enneagram 3. What are some of your favorite characteristics of the Enneagram type 3? Tell us in the comments below, and make sure to check out these other posts for more gift ideas for an Enneagram 3 next. 

Author: Bone+Marrow