Faces of the Enneagram Type 2 | Annaliese

Our Faces of the Enneagram series highlights the person we imagine when we are shopping for a specific Enneagram Type.  Today, we are introducing our friend Annaliese, who is one of the people we imagine when we are shopping for gifts for an Enneagram 2. 


Faces of the Enneagram Annaliese Type 2

Annaliese is always busy or doing something. She loves teaching her elementary students, reading, traveling, being with her family and friends. Annaliese is always up for adventure, and she’s likely to be making the most of her summer vacation from school. She will bake a scone and ask you about your day, and then LISTEN. She is creative and kind and likely to tell you about her day in an accent from another country.  She loves the world hard and deep, and we are all better because she’s here. Most of all though, she is there for her friends and family no matter what.

When it comes to the Enneagram, Aunie says, “I first heard of the Enneagram on “That Sounds Fun” podcast by Annie F. Downs 3.5 years ago. I then read The Road Back to You later that fall and then didn’t really confirm that I lead with a 2 until I read Enneagram Made Easy 2 years ago.”

Faces of the Enneagram Annaliese Higgins Enneagram Type 2

With a free day to do whatever she wanted (no money/time limit) she says she would indulge in a massage, mani/pedi, and go to an old bookstore and sit and read with a friend or two or three (or her sisters).

In addition to creating her dream day, if we were splurging for her birthday or random gift, we would grab a gift from our Christmas Gift Ideas for an Enneagram 2 or Handmade Gifts for an Enneagram 2. 

Now, let’s hear from Aunie, as a Enneagram Type 2, a few of her favorite products that might inspire you when seeing, knowing, and celebrating an Enneagram 2 in your life.

Annaliese's Favorite

Persuasion by Jame Austen. I LOVE Jane Austen, but this one is my favorite because I most relate to the heroine as she is most likely a 2 and her story is near and dear. It gives me hope.

Kitchen Aid Mixer

Annaliese's Favorite
Kitchen Gadget

KitchenAid Mixer, because I LOVE baking and making things for family and friends. It is comforting. 

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer

Annaliese's Favorite
Beauty Product

Does toothpaste count??? 🙂 

BUT if I had to say for reals–Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion. This product is magic because I am usually gone all day and this helps keep my eye make-up looking fresh and real EVEN if I cry (which is known to happen…frequently).

Ticket to Ride Europe

Annaliese's Favorite

My family and I LOVE playing this game and have done so for several years. We have enjoyed other versions/expansion packs too.

Kindle Fire

Annaliese's Favorite

Kindle Fire is the BEST because when I go on any trip (adventure or trip), I now don’t have to get rid of clothes in order to make room for my books! I can check out books from the library and have them ready on my Kindle or, of course, buy them on Amazon. 

We love Annaliese, and love celebrating all the greatness that she is.  She is just one of the Faces of the Enneagram 2’s we imagine when we are shopping for gifts for an Enneagram 2. Tell us about the Enneagram 2 in your life. We’d love to know him or her! 

Author: Bone+Marrow