Faces of the Enneagram Type 4 | Liz

Our Faces of the Enneagram series highlights the person we imagine when we are shopping for a specific Enneagram Type.  Today, we are introducing our friend Liz, who is one of the people we imagine when we are shopping for gifts for an Enneagram 4. 

Liz and Jacob Northrop | Enneagram 4

Liz’s husband would describe her as emotional, deep, a confidant, tender hearted, inquisitive, thorough and as someone with high integrity/authenticity. Liz and her new husband recently relocated to Arkansas  where she brings all her creativity and aesthetic greatness to the wedding industry. 

Liz was first introduced to the Enneagram her senior year of college. She shares how she read about the different types and quickly resonated with a Enneagram 2. A few years later, however, of getting to know herself and how the Enneagram functions she realized she leads much more with a type 4. Liz shares, “I use the Enneagram in my own life as a spiritual tool, as well as a tool to aid my relationships.”

With a free day to do whatever she wants (no money/time limit) Liz says she would be somewhere remote and exotic with her husband, waking up early to watch the sunrise and drink the perfect cup of coffee. Together, they would eat the best local food, spend hours in the sun, reading and exploring.

We love that Liz leads with an Enneagram type 4, and we had her type in mind when we shopped for Christmas Gift Ideas for an Enneagram 4 and Handmade Gifts for an Enneagram 4.

Now, let’s hear from Liz as she shares a few of her favorite products that might inspire you when seeing, knowing, and celebrating an Enneagram 4 in your life.

Fedora Hat

Liz's Favorite
Go-To Accessory

I like that this hat can make any outfit feel unique, stylish, and instantly make me feel like my moody self. It reminds me of all my favorite aesthetics.

Liz's Favorite

This was a super hard question to answer for me, because I love reading and have a constant running list of top favorites. In the past few years, I have noticed myself subconsciously always choosing and enjoying books with strong female leads. I love a lead who is gritty, has an interesting back story, and a lust for life. I like a girl with flaws and energetic settings such as New York City where this one takes place. It also addresses a lot of culture conversations that are important to today.

French Press

Liz's Favorite
Kitchen Gadget

My morning coffee is my favorite part of everyday. I love using my single serve French press so that I can choose to make coffee with the beans of all my favorite local coffee shops (as opposed to boring “average” k-cups 😂)

Pampas Grass

Liz's Favorite
Home Decor

Again, it’s all about the aesthetics and setting the mood of the room. I like having decor in my house that feels unique to me. As a florist, we incorporate pampas into our designs to add hints of boho to things. I like that unique flare in my home too.

Car Diffuser

Liz's Favorite

This is an essential oil diffuser for your car. If it wasn’t obvious by now, I like setting the mood of the space I’m in. My time alone (which is normally in the car) is especially recharging for me so I love making sure it always feels calming and recharging. These are easy to clean, easy to diffuse, and make your car smell like a spa!

We love Liz, and love seeing, knowing, and appreciating exactly who she is.  She is just one of the Faces of the Enneagram we imagine when we are shopping for gifts for an Enneagram 4. Tell us about the Enneagram 4 in your life! We’d love to know him or her!

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Author: Bone+Marrow