Faces of the Enneagram Type 5 | Sarah

Our Faces of the Enneagram series highlights the person we imagine when we are shopping for a specific Enneagram Type.  Today, we are introducing our friend Sarah, who is one of the people we imagine when we are shopping for gifts for an Enneagram 5. 

Sarah Enneagram 5

Sarah is generally quiet person, thoughtful and perceptive. It takes a while to get to know her, and she says, “until we reach that place, I can seem abrupt and aloof.” But once she let you in, she can be sarcastic and fun and offer interesting insights into the world. Sarah goes on to say, “I will stop to look up and find answers to questions for you in the middle of a conversation and I will always have a fun anecdote/trivia fact.” She is a great sounding board to many of her friends who enjoy her general objectivity and emotional detachment.

Sarah first heard about the Enneagram from Beth Vaccaro in 2018. However, it wasn’t until March 2019 when she took the test and got the result of a five. Upon doing some initial research, Sarah really connected with a type five. More recently, she has been delving deeper into the Enneagram by reading The Road Back to You, The Sacred Enneagram and all the internet research.

With a free day to do whatever she wants (no money/time limit) Sarah would travel the world to learn about all the different places and people. She says, “I would be especially interested in libraries and finding the perfect places to read.”  A little closer to home, Sarah would wake up with no alarm clock, eat good food, and spend time in her hammock reading.

We love that Sarah leads with an Enneagram type 5, and we had this type in mind when we shopped for Christmas Gift Ideas for an Enneagram 5 and Handmade Gifts for an Enneagram 5.

Now, let’s hear from Sarah as she shares a few of her favorite products that might inspire you when seeing, knowing, and celebrating an Enneagram 5 in your life.

The Olive Branch Lush | Enneagram 5 Products

Sarah's Favorite
Beauty Product

I am not huge on many beauty products; it’s a miracle if I remember to brush my teeth and put on deodorant on a daily basis. But when I do look for beauty products, I want something clean and gentle on my skin. A few years ago I discovered The Olive Branch shower gel from Lush and have not looked back since. It has a delightfully earthy scent, and it very moisturizing on my skin. I notice a difference when I use any other product.

The Count of Monte Cristo | Enneagram 5 Products

Sarah's Favorite

This is an extremely difficult question, as I’ve read so many books and enjoyed so much of them. If I had to choose, I would say The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. It is a classic novel of a man who is wrongfully accused of treason, imprisoned, escapes prison and then exacts his revenge. I love the way Dumas builds the world the characters live in, the varied depth of the characters and how Dantes deals with the hand he was dealt in life. The “hero” is not simply good or bad; it’s all layered and I really enjoy that.

Air Fryer | Enneagram 5 Products

Sarah's Favorite
Kitchen Gadget

I love my air fryer! Potatoes of all varieties are my favorite food and I love having an air fryer to make all kinds of crispy potatoes! It also greatly improves all kinds of food. Seriously, get one!

I Should Have Known That | Enneagram 5 Products

Sarah's Favorite

I really enjoy trivia games! My current favorite is one that was recommended by Bone+Marrow, …I should have known that! Trivia Game. It is a really fun game filled with trivia of common things that most people should know. I enjoy that I can play it with all of my friends, and not just the select few I think could keep up with me.

Target Jump Suit | Enneagram 5 Products

Sarah's Favorite
Fashion Staple

When I shop, about 50-75% of the clothes I buy are for lounging at home. I would say my favorite items are ones that look nice enough to wear in a business casual situation, but are so cozy it feels like I am at home in my pajamas. One of my go-to outfits for this is an awesome black cropped jumpsuit from Target. It’s extremely versatile, insanely comfortable, and always looks professional. I’ll often layer a nice kimono over it and I am ready to go.

We love Sarah, and love seeing, knowing, and appreciating exactly who she is.  She is just one of the Faces of the Enneagram we imagine when we are shopping for gifts for an Enneagram 5. Tell us about the Enneagram 5 in your life! We’d love to know him or her!

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Author: Bone+Marrow