Faces of the Enneagram Type 2 | Amanda

Our Faces of the Enneagram series highlights the person we imagine when we are shopping for a specific Enneagram Type.  Today, we are introducing our friend Amanda who is one of the people we imagine when we are shopping for gifts for an Enneagram type 2. 

Amanda Enneagram 2 Products

Amanda describes herself as someone who “wants to change the world, and often feels incredibly overwhelmed in acknowledging I can’t. I am very attentive to the needs of others, and when I am in relationship with you- I am ALL IN.”  Practically, this looks like being newly married, a recent foster mom, and a career in global child development.

It was Amanda of Bone + Marrow who introduced this Amanda to the Enneagram, and she quickly discovered that she leads with a type 2.  Amanda says,  “It completely changed my outlook on personal development, because for once I felt so understood. I realized that growth isn’t about reaching an end goal, but continuing to learn as the journey of self awareness progresses.”

With a free day to do whatever she wants (no money/time limit) Amanda would take her foster boys, plus her step sons to Disney with the hubs. All day at Disney.

We love that Amanda leads with an Enneagram type 2, and we had her type in mind when we shopped for Christmas Gift Ideas for an Enneagram 2 and Handmade Gifts for an Enneagram 2.

Now, let’s hear from Amanda as she shares a few of her favorite products that might inspire you when seeing, knowing, and celebrating an Enneagram 2 in your life.

Happy Givers | Enneagram 2 Products

Amanda's Favorite

Love Thy Neighbor. Because well- it is the outcry of my heart summarized on a shirt!

One Small Boat | Enneagram 2 Products

Amanda's Favorite

This is the only book I have ever stayed up past my bedtime to read until finished. It is a beautiful story of a young girl as she journey’s through the foster care system and her life forever changed by it. All the feels.

K Cafe | Enneagram 2 Products

Amanda's Favorite
Kitchen Gadget

Hand’s down my K-Cafe. I can make lattes at home!

Essential Oil Diffuser | Enneagram 2 Products

Amanda's Favorite
Home Decor

My diffuser! I am a huge oil gal, and this one tool allows me to diffuse many scents all day long, and it is so pretty.

Apple Watch | Enneagram 2 Products

Amanda's Favorite

My Apple Watch! It keeps me on track, easily notified of things, and holds me accountable to my own move goals. I am a visual person, and this gives ALL the visuals!

Young Living Mint Scrub | Enneagram 2 Products

Amanda's Favorite
Beauty Item

It is the most refreshing way to wake up. Almost as good as a cup of coffee.

We love Amanda, and love seeing, knowing, and appreciating exactly who she is.  She is just one of the Faces of the Enneagram we imagine when we are shopping for gifts for an Enneagram Type 2. Tell us about the Enneagram 2 in your life! We’d love to know him or her!

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Author: Bone+Marrow