Faces of the Enneagram Type 1 | Rachel

Our Faces of the Enneagram series highlights the person we imagine when we are shopping for a specific Enneagram Type.  Today, we are introducing our friend Rachel, who is one of the people we imagine when we are shopping for gifts for an Enneagram 1. 

Rachel Enneagram Type 1

Rachel is a beautiful mama, ministry leader, and wife who calls Georgia home. In fact, her and her husband are currently building their dream farm house right outside of the Atlanta area with a vision for community, faith, and freedom.  We love watching from afar Rachel shop at Home Depot for all those beautiful finishing touches with her sweet little girl Esther who is about to be a big sister! Rachel’s best friend would describe her as someone who is a champion for the underdog, someone who loves big and loves well, and someone who is always willing to listen and offer advice in difficult situations. Rachel’s door and ears are always open.

Rachel’s sister introduced her to the Enneagram a little over two years ago. She began to listen to the Sleeping at Last songs for different types and told her to look into it. Rachel says, “I took the test and first got that I was a 7. I do love a good adventure, but knew it wasn’t truly me. When I took the test and began to really study the different types, I knew I was a one. I felt so seen and understood.”

With a free day to do whatever she wants (no money/time limit) Rachel would spend the whole day drinking good coffee, going to farmers markets, and shopping at her favorite local stores. If the free day could be a little more planned out, she would probably fly to Uganda and start an organization that I’ve dreamed of forever, where women are empowered and taught a trade so that they have a healthy way to help provide for their families, which she says “would be a long and beautiful day.” 

We love that Rachel leads with an Enneagram type 1, and we had this type in mind when we shopped for Christmas Gift Ideas for an Enneagram 1 and Handmade Gifts for an Enneagram 1.

Now, let’s hear from Rachel as she shares a few of her favorite products that might inspire you when seeing, knowing, and celebrating an Enneagram 1 in your life.

Bare Minerals Lash Domination | Enneagram 1 Products

Rachel's Favorite
Beauty Product

I’ve had sensitive eyes for years, but this tried and true mascara is the best and doesn’t have all of the chemicals that make me feel like a cat is scratching my eyes. Plus, it’s on sale right now so I’ll take it!

Jay and Jewels Stackable Ring | Enneagram 1 Product

Rachel's Favorite

My current favorite is this stackable ring set from my husband! He got me a stack of three with his initial, E for our little girl Esther, and F for our little boy that’s on the way, Finn. I love having something so simple on my hand, but means so much!

Cuisine Art Coffee Maker | Enneagram 1 Products

Rachel's Favorite
Kitchen Gadget

I love a good cup of coffee. This has been one of the best Christmas gifts ever. We always buy whole bean coffee and this has the grinder inside the pot—a dream come true!

Classic Card Deck | Enneagram 1 Products

Rachel's Favorite

I’m a classic cards girl. My all time favorite card game is rummy with this cute deck of cards. You can’t go wrong with the classics!

Milk & Sugar Candle | Enneagram 1 Products

Rachel's Favorite
Home Decor

This candle is my absolute favorite! It smells like freshly baked cookies and the family that owns this store incredible. I’m a sucker for shopping local!

We love Rachel, and love seeing, knowing, and appreciating exactly who she is.  She is just one of the Faces of the Enneagram we imagine when we are shopping for gifts for an Enneagram 1. Tell us about the Enneagram 1 in your life! We’d love to know him or her!

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Author: Bone+Marrow