Father’s Day Gifts

We are excited to have the opportunity to put together gift ideas for Father’s Day.  We love our dads–they’ve shaped us into who we are today. As we’ve explored the Enneagram, we realize how much of their personalities have impacted us. That’s why were were able to sort 40 gift ideas for Father’s Day based on Enneagram types similar to the Mother’s Day lists we also put together earlier this month.  We love a good Enneagram gift, and celebrating our dad’s well is exactly what we hope to accomplish with this list. Plus, sometimes shopping for dad can be a bit challenging, so we’ve scattered some practical gifts alongside the sweet gifts for a robust list of 40 gift ideas for Father’s Day.

Whether you are a child shopping for your dad, or a mom shopping on behalf of your children, we hope you enjoy the following gift ideas for Father’s Day. Take a look through the whole list, or skip straight to his number. We’re hoping you find something thoughtful or that it inspires you towards a gift he’ll love even more. Happy shopping! 

Enneagram One

Leather Cable Organizer

Put all the cords where they are supposed to be keeping all the tangles under control with this leather cord organizer dad will surely appreciate.

Magnetic Wrist Band

Oh we love clever gadgets that will help keep dad’s parts and pieces all organized and within reach.  Especially when he’s working on perfecting that project.

Fingerprint Money Clip

He is ONE of a kind. Get it? But really. Help him stay organized and communicate how special he is with this fingerprint money clip. 

Personalized Carpentry Pencils

Any handy-man Enneagram 1 needs a personal reminder that he is wanted, loved, special, and these pencils out in his workshop will communicate it over and over. 

Enneagram Two

Beard Bib

A little help for our favorite helpers (and maybe to keep your sanity too). Grab this handy cape for your favorite superhero and keep all the trimmings headed for the trash. 

Kids Drawing Mugs

Oh you know every Enneagram 2 dad should be reminded over and over how much he is loved. What a perfect opportunity to do that with a custom mug from his littles. 


Speaking of coffee mugs, a brand new Nespresso machine to spoil his mornings wouldn’t be a bad pairing.  

Mini Movie Projector

Now this clever gift is the perfect addition to a family movie night. Family snuggles are no longer limited to your living room. 

Enneagram Three

Personalized Golf Tees

If he’s a golfer and spends his days swinging clubs while making business deals on the greens, these custom golf-tees will be the perfect addition (and much cheaper than a full-blown caddy). 

Personalized Travel Bag

This personalized travel bag is perfect for the man traveling for work or pleasure.  It’s stylish (which he’ll love) and it’s personalized in just the right way.

HiM Leather Bracelet

A leather bracelet reminding him of his identity is a subtle nod to him being worthy outside of his performance. 

Personalized Leather Airpod Case

If he has a set of Airpods, take it up a notch with a personalized leather case. 

Custom Cufflinks

Custom cufflinks for when he breaks out the suit? Yes, please. Thoughtful and stylish make a powerful combination perfect for an Enneagram 3 dad. 

Enneagram Four

Whiskey Glass Gift Set

Drinking whiskey isn’t for everyone, which is why it’s perfect for an Enneagram 4 dad.  Grab this set that comes with a wooden case, two glasses, and granite chilling rocks.

Sound Wave Frame

Record a special message for dad from each of his kiddos for this one-of-a-kind piece of art that will be an special touch to any office or study.

Handmade DNA T-Shirt

He’s handmade and one-0f-a-kind. Communicate that you see and appreciate him with this shirt that proceeds from the sale go to fight injustices around the world. 

BEATS Headphones

For the man who rocks and rolls, he needs his own set of noise cancelling headphones. 

Personalized Tie Clip

He probably has a really cool tie to pair a personalized tie clip with. A perfect addition to his Sunday morning suit. 

Enneagram Five

Grill Set

Home is likely one of his favorite places to be, and why not encourage all the best things about home? Grab a bbq grill set that is sure to have benefits for you in the form of yummy meals he is proud to share with the fam.

Personalized Fishing Lure Caddy

If fishing is his past-time, then he needs his own personalized fishing caddy. Keep all this lures organized and encourage his hobby with this clever gift. 

Travel Yeti

You can never go wrong with a travel Yeti that can carry and maintain temperature for cold and hot drinks.  Pair it with a book he’s been wanting, and you’ve scored all the points for Father’s Day. 

Audible Subscription

He’s a learner, and passionate about consuming information. Give him the gift of more information with an Audible subscription he can use year round. 

Enneagram Six

Personalized Cribbage Set

A classic game set for a classic kind of guy.  Nod to his traditional preferences with a personalized cribbage set. 

Personalized Wallet

Keep all his stuff safe with a custom money wallet–it’s classy and functional. 

Fancy Socks Subscription

Black and white socks are boring socks.  Sign up for a unique sock sent to dad once a month, and he’ll always have something out of the ordinary to wear

Ancestry Kit

Family is everything to an Enneagram 6, and what better way to see and know your roots than a Ancestry Kit.  Explore his bloodlines with the gift of being truly known this Father’s Day. 

Enneagram Seven

Customized Compass

With an eye on the horizon, the Enneagram 7 is ready to conquer the world.  Remind them of their true North with a custom compass to point the way home. 

Personalized Ammo Box

Well, this is fun. A custom ammo box for all the toys and supplies to make for an exciting day.

Fandango Gift Card

If movies ever re-open (currently in COVID-19), then dad will surely want to see his favorite blockbusters hit the big screen. 

Hope is Dope T-Shirt

Hope IS Dope and no one knows that better than an Enneagram 7 dad. 

Personalized Leather Key Chain

Send a message that he is loved while he is on the go with this personalized leather key chain. 

Enneagram Eight

Hot Sauce Sampler

No one can handle the heat quite like an Enneagram 8 dad. This hot sauce sampler won’t get the best of him, but it sure will try.

Hidden Gun Storage

Keep the weapon safe and do it in a lovely unassuming way.  

Dollar Shave Club

He might be rough around the edges, but his face doesn’t have to be with a subscription or gift card to the Dollar Shave Club

Leather Remote Caddy

Don’t make dad mad and lose the remote. Instead, a leather remote caddy keeps all the devices nicely organized and easy to find. 

Enneagram Nine

Dad, I Wrote a Book About You

Oh every dad might need to know how much he’s appreciated, but especially the Enneagram 9 dad who needs to know he is seen and appreciated. Grab the book, fill it out, and watch him turn rosey red. 

Leather Toiletry Bag

Treat all his valuables with honor. Grab a personalized leather toiletry bag for keeping all his things in one place. 

iPad Pro

Go big or go home. With endless possibilities, an iPad pro might just motivate the Enneagram 9 to explore all his potential. 

Custom Cutting Board

If your Enneagram 9 dad is a chef, grab his favorite traditional recipe and customize a cutting board especially for him. 

Hope Dove T-Shirt

Inspired by Isaiah 61, this t-shirt embodies the peacefulness and hope of a dove. It’s also apart of a campaign to rescue girls out of sex trafficking in Cambodia, and is the perfect gift for an Enneagram 9 dad.

We loved shopping for these gift ideas for Father’s Day.  Did you pick something off our list? Tell us his response in the comments–we would love the feedback!

Author: Bone+Marrow