Gifts that Give Back by Enneagram Type

We’ve sorted 36 gifts that give back by Enneagram type, and we are excited to share them with you today.  Gifts that give back is like giving two gifts for the price of one, and that is the best kind of investment. In fact, once upon a time, we hosted giant community-wide giveback programs because we loved supporting our community. Now, we get to encourage you to support a worthy cause while still giving a thoughtful gift sorted by Enneagram Types.

Each company we are highlighting today has a mission. Maybe you’re familiar with Tom’s Shoes and Blake Mycoskie’s desire to give shoes to children in poverty and does it using a 1-for-1 model where every pair of shoes bought is a pair of shoes donated. We are also featuring FEED who is able to feed so many children in need based on individual purchases, and Revive Jewelry who’s jewelry pieces and purchases go to support different medical research for diseases with no known cures.  

We might have a few companies we are highlighting that you may not have heard of, but we’d encourage you to explore their causes and find one that speaks to your heart and/or to the heart of the recipient.  

In addition to picking out 36 gifts that give back to a worthy cause, we’ve also sorted all these gifts by Enneagram Type to help you purchase a gift that will be meaningful to your person. If you haven’t checked out our Handmade Gifts by Enneagram Type, make sure to do that next. 

Enneagram One

Woman on a Mission Pouch

You’re an Enneagram 1, you’ve probably made a list of things to do a mile long, and you’re going to get it done before noon.  You are a Woman on a Mission, and when you buy this organizing pouch, you support 25 meals for children in schools around the world. 

Bombas No Show Socks

You don’t need matching socks when they are NO SHOW socks. This cute and colorful set is practical and helpful, which is the love language for any Enneagram 1. With each purchase, Bombas donates socks to homeless shelters where socks are the most needed and least donated item. 

Perfect Angle Necklace

Support medical research with your purchase of this Perfect Angle Necklace, which illustrates the need for equal representation for disease patients.  See injustices brought to light with this piece inspired by multiple sclerosis. 

Roma Rain Boot

Not all walks are created equal. In fact, around the world plenty of children walk to school barefoot or in shoes that don’t fit. Perfect for rainy days, these boots bought as a gift will trigger a pair of shoes donated to a child in need.  Plus, 10% of their proceeds fund global education initiatives. 

Enneagram Two

FEED: 10 Bundle Canvas Tote

Provide 10 school meals and fight childhood hunger all while getting 3 super cute canvas totes for your Enneagram 2 friend.  A great gift for when different days of the week require different supplies.  

Embrace Necklace

“Feel the support of others” is the inspiration for this necklace. Specifically, supporting others who have battled, survived, or need to honor someone with a medical diseases this perfectly aligns with the heart of an Enneagram 2. 

Sudara Pajama Sleep Set

With your purchase of these pajamas, hundreds of Indian women have found freedom through living-wage employment. This gift helps women escape trafficking and live safely, and sings the heartsong of the Enneagram 2.

Yoobi Mini Highlighters

With a vision to provide all kids in need with the tools they need to learn and be creative, these highlighters with encouraging messages help kids and remind your favorite Enneagram 2 how much they are loved. 

Enneagram Three

FEED Harriet Tote

Is this not the most beautiful leather tote? It blends in, but also adds value to every outfit, which is why we believed it was a great gift to include on the Enneagram 3 gifts that give back list.  Plus, this tote provides 100 meals fighting hunger around the world. 

Tom's Leila Slingback

We all know and love Tom’s Shoes and their mission to put shoes on the feet of children living in poverty.  These slingback shoes are a high-fashion gift for an Enneagram 3 that will also achieve a world-changing purpose. 

Noonday Constant Cuffs

Always in style, these matte brass cuffs can be worn stacked or alone for a classic look. These cuffs were made in Peru by artisan women who are allowed to work from home while being stay-at-home mamas. These cuffs support hard-working, entrepreneurial women, and can be gifted to the hard-working, entrepreneurial Enneagram 3. 

Decorative Throw Pillows

Modern designs and globally inspired, these pillow case covers are an affordable way to make any home look designer.  Plus, as part of their business model, Texture+Ink gives a portion of their proceeds to support developing countries. 

Enneagram Four

Open Palm Plate

There’s a lot of things a hand can do–it can create a piece of art, it can write a song, and in this case, it can feed three hungry people.  Which, is a gift worth giving. 

Decorative Matches

Bring light to the darkness with these decorative matches.  Colorful and unique, like an Enneagram 4, these matches come with a unique mission to stop the spread of human trafficking.  

Sparkle Inside and Out Necklace

Oh we see that sparkle–that little bit of something that makes you unique, and we appreciate the beauty it brings to the world.  Bring that sparkle into the life of someone suffering from cancer with this unique piece by Revive Jewelry.

Tom's Sunglasses

We all know and love Tom’s Shoes and their mission to put shoes on the feet of children living in poverty. Now, with a purchase of these cool sunglasses, help restore sight to over 400,000 people in need and provide prescription glasses, medical treatment and/or sight-saving surgery with each purchase of this gift.

Enneagram Five

Warby Parker Blue-Light Glasses

If you’re going to read and consume information on a digital device, (we’re looking at you Enneagram 5’s) you should have a handy pair of blue-light glasses to help avoid eye-fatigue.  And with each purchase, you help alliviate the problem of impaired vision through Warby Parker’s buy a pair, give a pair program. 

FEED Mini Bowl and Spoon

The artisan Mini Bowl & Spoon is a perfect container for herbs, local honey, or gourmet condiments–because if you’re going to go all-in with your kitchen wares, you might as well feed an additional 10 people with it.  

Light from Within Necklace

You might not know it, but you have enough.  This necklace from Revive Jewelry inspires hope, strength, and power, all of which speaks to an Enneagram 5.  With a purchase of this gift, a donation is made to the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

HOPE Coffee

Any Enneagram 5 probably has a fact or two related to coffee–the magic bean that powers the investigative binges.  But, did you know that coffee is a $5.18 billion dollar industry in the US, but most farmers live in poverty.  With a purchase of fair trade HOPE coffee, you can be apart of changing that statistic. Learn more here

Enneagram Six

Friendship Knot Bracelet

Let your person know how much their friendship means to you with this bracelet designed by Believe London.  Believe London is a British brand who believes anything is possible and donates a percentage back to children in need. 

Handloomed Napkin Set

Set the table for friends and family with these Handloomed Napkins designed by India artisans.  Support female artists all while providing meals to end world hunger. 

Unity Necklace

We stick together and fight for what’s important. That’s true of the Enneagram 6 and the Unity Necklace which was designed to symbolize the fight towards ending disease.  

Benevolence LA Handwoven Blanket

Stay warm on a chilly night with your favorite person.  This Mexican styled blanked was designed by artisans with 100% hypoallergenic recycle synthetic material, and is perfect for outdoor concerts, beach days, or a car blanket for any unseen circumstances. This gift is apart of the Fight against Poverty Collection.  

Enneagram Seven

FEED Dopp Kit

Built for travelers it says. 

Then, it should be perfect for the on-the-go Enneagram 7 whether you are planning a vacation or staycation. This sweet little pouch will provide 15 meals and help you store all the things you need

Noonday Adventurer Bracelet

Made with love from Ethiopia, this adventure bracelet is versatile and a perfect conversation starter for the Enneagram 7.

Warby Parker Sunglasses

Through Warby Parker’s buy a pair, give a pair program, you can help alleviate the problem of impaired vision.  And when you do, a Enneagram 7 will benefit from owning a pair of shades for their next excursion.

Sevenly Sunshine Tank

There’s so many good causes in the world, why not pick who you want to support? That’s what Sevenly does with clothing for men, women, kiddos, and lifestyle products.  With this tank, that reminds your Enneagram 7 how much joy they bring to the world, you’ll get to support Show Hope that supports orphans and adoption agencies worldwide. 

Enneagram Eight

Woman on a Mission Necklace

Feed 25 people and declare that your Enneagram 8 is a woman on a mission–a mission to bring hope, fight injustice, and to protect the underdog with the purchase of this necklace.  

Bombas Performance Running Socks

An Enneagram 8 is a fantastic, world-changing, intense Enneagram Type, and what better gift than performance socks for all the physical activities in the land. Plus, these socks give back–with every pair bought, a pair is donated to a homeless shelter where new socks are scares. 

Building Block Earrings

You can help build a community that keep loved ones safe and healthy with these Revive Jewelry earrings that contribute to finding a cure for Alzheimers. 

Hydro Double Wall Tumbler

Stay hydrated and give back. Simple Modern’s business model includes generosity and excellence–both of which can be found in an Enneagram type 8. 

Enneagram Nine

FEED Lunchbox

Don’t just bring lunch to work in a plastic grocery bag. Instead, buy or gift a product that will remind you that you are doing your part to alleviate world hunger with this cutie lunchbox. 

Benevolence Yoga Blanket

As an Enneagram 9, you can never have too many cozy blankets.  And the folks at The Benevolence LA have designed this Mexican Falsa camping blanket with a mission to give back to Water Mission.

Circle of Hope Necklace

Inspire hope and bring a little peace into hard circumstances with this choker necklace designed by Revive Jewelry. With each purchase, you’ll support the  Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance

Magnesium Oil Spray

Great for headache relief, muscle soreness, stress and anxiety, this magnesium spray is exactly what is needed to bring back the balance to your body.  Plus, Luna is committed to donating 10% of its profits to philanthropic efforts. 

We loved curating 36 gifts that giveback by Enneagram Type.  Do you have a favorite organization or product that has a social good or philanthropic mission? We’d love to know about them. Leave us a comment with a link to your favorite organization below. 

Author: Bone+Marrow