Holiday Enneagram Traditions | Alysha

One of the things we celebrate at Bone + Marrow is how each individual uniquely shows up in the world. More often than not, we curate Enneagram gifts, personality gifts, and holiday gifts based on what makes us unique, but every now and then we like to highlight the real people behind the labels, or in the case, the Enneagram types.

Meet Alysha.  Alysha is an lovely Enneagram 8, who, after reading her story, we have a lot in common with–we’d just love to tell you right now, both of us (Beth and Amanda) spent a lot of years having single Christmas’ so we are standing in faith with you believing for all the things in this moment. For everyone else, we’re excited to continue our series on Holiday Enneagram Traditions where we will explore how Alysha’s Enneagram type plays a role in the holidays. 

May you be inspired to see, know, and celebrate PEOPLE this year alongside each of the holidays we celebrate. 

Alysha | Holiday Enneagram 8 Traditions

Alysha, tell us about your favorite holiday. 

Holidays are generally spent with friends or family depending on the holiday. They are a bit of a mixed experience for me. I genuinely love them, but have had to process why I always feel a little off the day of major holidays. I’ve come to the understanding that at my life stage (30+), most of my friends and family are married, and most now have children of their own. Their holiday experiences always seem to be more full than my own. It’s a battle choosing joy and contentment and not feeling like I’ve been left behind or less than for not having a special someone to share it with.

So, what’s your favorite part of this season?

Christmas carols, white Lights, fires in the fireplace, snow, Christmas movies, and the general feeling of goodwill, oneness and community.

Alysha | Holiday Enneagram 8 Traditions

As an Enneagram 8, what do you value or expect during the holidays?

Time with family/friends & time to relax from work. I’m a teacher, so I don’t feel at all bad sitting down by the fire and reading for hours on end. Sleeping in is also a serious perk! 🙂

Tell us how knowing the Enneagram has affected or changed how you show up during the holidays.

Just like any other day, the Enneagram has been a tremendous tool for how I see and appreciate my immediate family. During the holidays, this manifests in certain ways. My Dad, a  4w3, wants to sit and go deep about the true meaning of Christmas. My brother, a  9w1, wants to do all the traditional things we did as kids like watching The Grinch, and other Christmas classics. My Mom, a 7w6, has a different theme for Christmas each year, and lots of fun plans in the making. I think we all bring a beautiful element to the season and make the perfect blend.

Alysha | Holiday Enneagram 8 Traditions

Tell us about your favorite holiday tradition growing up, and why it was meaningful to you.

My brother and I would wake up early each year hours before my parents. We would just come upstairs in our PJs and wait for mom and dad to come out. I love all the Christmas memories I have with my brother especially. Except for watching Jim Carrey’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas every year. Still hate it.

Oh we love getting to know more about Alysha and the holiday Enneagram traditions and expectations that go along with it. 

Want to share your Holiday traditions with us? We’d love to feature your type and hear your story. 

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Author: Bone+Marrow