Holiday Enneagram Traditions | Brittany

One of the things we celebrate at Bone + Marrow is how each individual uniquely shows up in the world. More often than not, we curate Enneagram gifts, personality gifts, and holiday gifts based on what makes us unique, but every now and then we like to highlight the real people behind the labels, or in the case, the Enneagram types.

Meet Brittany. We are excited to meet Brittany, learn more about her and the sweetness of her holidays as an Enneagram 2. 

May you be inspired to see, know, and celebrate PEOPLE this year alongside each of the holidays we celebrate. 

Brittany Ryan

Brittany, tell us about your favorite holiday. 

Thanksgiving is my favorite because I have a HUGE extended family. It’s the one time of year that we’re all together. It’s loud, lovely and lifegiving. I always come home refreshed and full.

So, what’s your favorite part of this season?

I sound like a broken record – but it’s just spending time with people I love. We eat, laugh, play music together, play board games, and just enjoy being with each other. I have treasured these memories since I was young and it is not lost on me that not every family operates this way and it makes me cherish my family more.

As an Enneagram 2, what do you value or expect during the holidays?

Time. My love language is quality time so just being with the people I care about the most in the world is the only thing I really need.

Tell us how knowing the Enneagram has affected or changed how you show up during the holidays.

I have always been the one who helps with anything – setting tables, cooking, cleaning – whatever. What I have noticed about myself since learning about my type is that I don’t do it with ulterior motives anymore. I help because I love my family, not because I want them to notice what I do for them

Tell us about your favorite holiday tradition growing up, and why it was meaningful to you.

For as long as I can remember, we have gone out as a WHOLE family to the movies on Thanksgiving Day. When I say that my family is large, we take up at least 3 rows in a theater. Trying to figure out who is sitting where, kids moving seats in the middle of the movie because they want to sit with a different cousin, making sure that everyone is in a car when we leave – it’s always so chaotic but it’s perfect.

Oh we love getting to know more about Brittany and the holiday traditions and expectations that go along with it. In fact, her answer to how the Enneagram has affected or changed how she shows up during the holidays is one of our favorites.

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Author: Bone+Marrow