Holiday Enneagram Traditions | Sarah

One of the things we celebrate at Bone + Marrow is how each individual uniquely shows up in the world. More often than not, we curate Enneagram gifts, personality gifts, and holiday gifts based on what makes us unique, but every now and then we like to highlight the real people behind the labels, or in the case, the Enneagram types.

Meet Sarah.  Sarah is a mama, an artist, and a small business owner who you can find at her online store front.  Sarah is also an Enneagram type 6, and  today, we’re excited to continue our series on Holiday Enneagram Traditions where we will explore how the Enneagram plays a role in her holiday season. 

May you be inspired to see, know, and celebrate PEOPLE this year alongside each of the holidays we celebrate. 

Sarah | Holiday Enneagram 6 Traditions

Sarah, tell us about your favorite holiday. 

Christmas is my favorite holiday of all. I love to decorate for Christmas and I have the most Christmas home decorations of any season or holiday.

I love to decorate because I feel it just adds warmth and coziness to this season. My husband doesn’t like to put up lights outside so my daughter and I will usually do this because we love Christmas lights and decorations outside as well.

Our family has a ‘Countdown to Christmas’ tradition where starting Dec. 1, we do one fun thing on the list each day leading up to Christmas Eve, such as a fun activity, go someplace fun, watch a certain Christmas movie, etc. We bake lots of cookies at home and with family as well as decorate gingerbread houses. I love to have Christmas smells fill our home and Christmas music playing a lot.

So, what’s your favorite part of this season?

Having family get-togethers on the calendar, seeing my kids excitement, wearing all the cozy things, and the anticipation of giving.

Sarah | Holiday Enneagram 6 Traditions

As an Enneagram 6, what do you value or expect during the holidays?

Feeling like everything is taken care of and nothing is rushed. Having a plan and knowing what the plan is each day. Spending quality time with family, laughing, reminiscing, and making really good memories to look back. Forming meaningful traditions that my kids can look back on.

Tell us how knowing the Enneagram has affected or changed how you show up during the holidays.

As an Enneagram 6, I have definitely realized that to help cut down on feeling anxious and stressed, having a plan and standing firm on what is most important to my family during this holiday season is crucial. Especially as a business owner (in addition to having a family) I have learned that procrastination can suck the joy out of this season. Making good lasting memories and opportunities to make those memories is important.

Tell us about your favorite holiday tradition growing up, and why it was meaningful to you.

Everything about Christmas Eve– getting dressed up for a full Christmas meal at our home with the table set with place settings. After the meal, my parents hid the pickle ornament in the tree and whoever found it got some $.

Then, we would listen to my Mom read the story of Jesus’s birth then Christmas music would be playing while one of us kids handed out gifts one by one taking turns to open up gifts. I always loved that it was slow paced and nothing was rushed, everyone was engaged and involved, which made it feel the most special and so memorable.

Oh we love getting to know more about Sarah and the holiday Enneagram traditions and expectations that go along with it. 

Want to share your Holiday traditions with us? We’d love to feature your type and hear your story. 

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Author: Bone+Marrow