Holiday Gift Wrap for each Enneagram Type

We’ve enjoyed putting gifts together for each Enneagram Type, over the past few weeks, but no gift is complete until it’s wrapped. Because we know presentation is everything, we’ve put together some Holiday gift wrap for each Enneagram type.  While a gift is a reflection of how you see the recipient according to Time Magazine, the wrapping can be a reflection of the giver. We’ve put some fun combos together to explore as you begin wrapping gifts this holiday season. 

Enneagram 1

No one will appreciate precision and symmetry of this gift wrap quite like an Enneagram 1. Plus it’s elegant, and will make for perfectly coordinating gifts under a tree. Add gold wire ribbon to ensure a beautiful bow stays perfectly in place, and finish it off with a matching gold gift tag. 

Enneagram 2

This classic and beautiful gift wrap coordinates well under a tree, but also makes gifts feel unique, and is a great coordinating option for our Enneagram 2s. Add an easy bow (because we know you’re already doing all the things) and a helpful gift tag, and you’re ready for your classic holiday season to ensue. 

Enneagram 3

Who’s got time to wrap gifts? Not an Enneagram 3. Instead, pick up these gift bags ready to declare you’ve gotten them exactly what they want. But don’t forget the trendy tissue paper for a complete and efficient presentation.  

Enneagram 4

Oh, how sweet it is to be unique, and in a season at risk for being cliche, we are mindful of our Enneagram 4 friends.  Pick up some kraft paper and brush markers to make a totally unique-to-you gift wrap.  Complete the look with custom designed cotton ribbon.

Enneagram 5

We know our Enneagram 5’s are big fans of what they love–maybe it’s not Star Wars, maybe it’s Harry Potter, Jane Austen, or Marvel.  Whatever it is, grab a unique fandom wrapping paper, matching ribbon and tags, and now you can wrap a gift completely custom to you. 

Enneagram 6

Grab this classic and simple wrapping paper, and you’ve set the stage for a Norman Rockwell Christmas. Classic tradition is perfect for our Enneagram 6’s. Finish the look with craft gift tags and coordinating raffia ribbon and you’ll be set to wrap a picture perfect gift. 

Enneagram 7

Give an Enneagram 7 all the GLITTER.  It doesn’t have to be gold–there’s pink, blue, and rainbow too! Grab a coordinating ribbon, and just because it’s fun, add a lollipop instead of a bow–because that’s what unicorns would do.

Enneagram 8

It’s black, red, and packs a Christmas punch. Plus, it’s a holiday wrapping pack because if anyone is get-it-done, it’s our Enneagram 8’s. 

Enneagram 9

This classic vintage wrapping paper paired with red and white bakers twine and cinnamon sticks embodies the comfy coziness we love about our Enneagram 9’s. And who wouldn’t want to sit in front of a glowing Christmas tree with these beautifully wrapped gifts underneath?

We are so excited to see all the thoughtful gifts you have under the tree, and we hope this Holiday gift wrap for each Enneagram type is helpful as you shop this season.  Let us know in the comments below your Enneagram number and favorite gift wrap combo. 

Author: Bone+Marrow