Love Language gifts for Valentine’s Day

You know what time of year it is so we’ve put together a few Love Language Gifts for Valentine’s Day. We know it’s a holiday that can’t be ignored, but what a better way to communicate how much you cherish your favorite person than with a gift that speaks to their own personal love language?!

Love Languages, a best-selling book written in 1992 by Gary Chapman, sorts loving actions into 5 main categories.  Touch, Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Gifts, and Quality Time are the primary ways people give or receive love. It’s helpful assessment gives language for understanding how you, and those you love, affirm each other. When you understand someone’s love language, you can “speak” their language and miss the pitfalls of misunderstandings.  If you’re familiar with love languages, then you know it can be tough shopping for people who’s love language is not gifts, but we’ve put some love language gift ideas together that we are excited to share with you. 

By the way, if you have zero clues as to what we are talking about, you can take the love languages quiz that will help you narrow down how you best give and receive love.  As challenging (and frustrating) as it can be to have an English speaker converse with a French speaker, it is equal parts frustrating when your partner’s love language is Acts of Service (example: cleaning the house) and yours is Gifts (example: you have a thousand presents waiting under the tree). 

We’ve taken the five core love languages and sorted them into Love Language gifts for Valentine’s day that may spark another idea or two for how to “speak” your honey’s language. 

Touch Gifts

If you or someone you know is a hugger, their love language might be Touch.  We have a great friend who is a doctor with the love language of touch.  She gives the best hugs, will rub your back in a conversation, and gently grabs your hand or arm in moments where it’s completely needed.  Here are a few gift ideas for the Love Language of Touch.

Long Distance Touch Bracelets

If you can’t hug them in person, there’s every reason to send a digital hug that lights up and vibrates when you want to send a little physical display of affection. 

Shiatsu Back Massager

Physical human touch is the best, but maybe not always possible when you’re long distance or not able to give that shoulder rub. 

Hot Stone Massage Kit

For the lover who needs intentional physical touch in the privacy of your own home. Get all the tools of the pros with a hot stone massage kit that will speak the language of physical touch. 

Matching Couples T Shirts

Holding hands since 2019; customize your shirts to proudly display your PDA.  

Words of Affirmation Gifts

Words of Affirmation are the ‘atta boy’s, the gentle encouragements, and the well-written “I see you’s.” Here are a few ideas for blessing your favorite receiver of Words of Affirmation. 

Why You Make Me Smile

Fill in the prompts for words that can be read and savored for years to come. 

Magnetic Poetry

Leave love notes on the fridge with a handy set of all the right words. 

Little Jar of Happy

A jar of quotes on friendship, which makes for the best kind of lover.  Grab a pen and add your own inside joke or memory to the back of each slip for a completely custom gift. 

Things We Love about You

Grab a few friends or gather up the family and collect 30, 40, 50, or 60 things you love to be formatted into this unique and sentimental art piece. 

Quality Time Gifts

It’s not just about time, it’s about the quality of that time.  Which means a physical gift might be more challenging to wrap, but here are a few ideas for those with Quality Time as a Love Language.  

The Adventure Challenge

It’s a scratch off keepsake book with intentional activities for quality time spent with your favorite person. Includes 50 unique adventures and a space to document. 

Coffee Date

Listen, over on our Instagram, we’ve talked to a lot of quality timers, and when we ask them about “quality,” vs “time,” quality wins–hands down.  So this gift? Well, it’s a prompt to find a moment to go grab coffee; it’s the best gift. 

A Year of Us

A meaningful and intentional conversation guide with a space to document your responses. Put down the electronics, turn off the tv, and spend quality time with your Valentine. 

Our Moments

If you’re lost on how to cultivate Quality Time, these conversation cards will help craft a meaningful moment with great conversation. 

Acts of Service Gifts

Let’s face it, service is hard to wrap.  Helping fold the laundry isn’t exactly a gift that fits in a gift bag, so we’ve got a few creative ideas for gift-giving our Acts of Service lovers. 

Redeemable Coupons

Customize a few coupons redeemable for a chore, errand, or task that will speak deep to the heart of the recipient. 

Coffee Warmer

No coffee should ever be cold (unless intentionally a cold brew). Instead, serve the heart of your person with a coffee warmer that will keep their brew warm no matter how many tasks distract them. 

Foot Rub Socks

Back rubs, foot rubs, it’s all meant to serve the other.  Maybe the socks are necessary, but the gesture is what matters. 

Echo Dot

It’s ready to help.  Not to replace your help, but to supplement it when you can’t be there. 

Gifts Gifts

So Gifts as a Love Language should be the easiest, right? Well, they can also be the most complex because a gift is a reflection of how you see the person receiving the gift.  It can’t just be “anything.”  So, let’s discover a few creative gifts for the person with this Love Language. 

Coordinate Bracelets

For gift-lovers, marking a meaningful moment is the best kind of gift. Grab a set of coordinates from where you proposed, met, or had the best day; it’ll be a keepsake they will cherish.  

Night Sky Star Map

Want to capture a life-changing moment? This gift is a photo of the sky and the stars on a specific, and maybe life changing, date.  

Song Lyric Printable

A word, a moment, a memory–all captured into a gift you can print off in a variety of sizes perfect for a decorative reminder that they are so loved. 

Message in a Bottle

It’s a small message in a small bottle.  Because it’s the thought behind the gift that makes the gift worthy.  

Are you familiar with this personality assessment? We have a few more Love Language gifts for Valentine’s Day you can check out below.  

Author: Bone+Marrow