Mother’s Day Gifts for an Enneagram 1

Looking for a little inspiration for a few Mother’s Day gifts for an Enneagram 1 mom? Look no further because we’ve grabbed our favorite products from our Christmas Gift list and Handmade Gifts list plus added a few more extra special ideas to combine all our favorite Mother’s Day gifts for an Enneagram 1 mom.  

We love this list so much because it acknowledges the greatness of our Enneagram 1’s, and more than that, the uniqueness of the woman who raised us. We kept in mind how much Enneagram 1’s appreciate symmetry and perfection, but also value timeless tradition while fiercely loving their families. Whether you’re a dad shopping for mom or an adult looking to honor your own mother, we are sure to have the thoughtful gift you’re looking for on our Mother’s Day gift list for an Enneagram 1. 

Personalized Recipe Book

She’s probably put a lot of thought and effort into each meal prepared at the table. Grab all her favorite recipes and customize them in her very own keepsake cookbook and honor the effort to feed her family well. 

Round Circle Earrings

Oh we love the symbolism of a circle; it represents the totality, wholeness, and original perfection which makes these 14k gold fill earrings a lovely handmade gift for an Enneagram 1. 

Personalized Kids Drawing Plate

All the craziness of life as a kid is held safe and in place by our moms. Celebrate the messy perfection of motherhood with a personalized work of art plate.   

Perfect Angle Necklace

Support medical research with your purchase of this Perfect Angle Necklace, which illustrates the need for equal representation for disease patients.  On behalf of your mama, see injustices brought to light with this piece inspired by multiple sclerosis. 

Enneagram 1 Candle

Oh man do we love the Enneagram Candles, the message, and the peacefulness they bring to a room. Grab the hand poured soy wax Enneagram 1 Candle and encourage your mom to linger in its “Grace.” 

Velveteen Rabbit Print

Real > Perfection. This handmade print will gently remind our moms that their realness can never be ugly, except to people who don’t understand.  

Cook Like a Pro

You’re probably already a pro, so why not align yourself with the Barefoot Contessa in this cookbook that’s trustworthy to bring warm, comforting, and homey meals to your table. 

Woman on a Mission Pouch

Your mom is an Enneagram 1, and she has probably made a list of things to do a mile long, and going to get it done before noon.  She is a Woman on a Mission, and when you buy this organizing pouch, you support 25 meals for children in schools around the world. 


Practically Perfect T-Shirt

Remind mom how awesome she is. Because she might need to hear it. And might also need to declare it.

Shopping for Mother’s Day gifts for an Enneagram 1, was inspiring. We are ready to buy a thoughtful card and lovely wrapping paper to delight our moms with the goodies we’ve found.  Now we want to hear from you! Is your mom an Enneagram 1? (Beth + Amanda’s moms are!) What do you love most about her? Comment below to get the conversation started. 

Author: Bone+Marrow