Mother’s Day Gifts for an Enneagram 2

Looking for a little inspiration for a few Mother’s Day gifts for an Enneagram 2 mom? Look no further because we’ve grabbed our favorite products from our Christmas Gift list and Handmade Gifts list plus added a few more extra special ideas to combine all our favorite Mother’s Day gifts for an Enneagram 2 mom.  

We love this list so much because it acknowledges the depth of love our Enneagram 2’s demonstrate so well, and more than that, the uniqueness of the woman who raised us. We kept in mind how much Enneagram 2’s sacrifice on behalf of their people and long to know they are loved. Whether you’re a dad shopping for mom or an adult looking to honor your own mother, we are sure to have the thoughtful gift you’re looking for on our Mother’s Day gift list for an Enneagram 2. 

I Love You More Mug

What a sweet sentiment on a gift she will use again and again. A perfect gift for the Enneagram 2 who loves to snuggle with a good book or her people. 

Magnolia Table Volume II

No one does home better than Joanna Gaines of Magnolia, and now, in the same spirit of creating great meals grab her newest set of recipes for the matriarch of your home. 

Tea Dish

It’s beautiful and versatile.  Much like our Enneagram 2 friends, this handmade leaf shaped pottery can hold a tea bag, keep jewelry safe, or hold a spoon–whatever she might need it for, this beauty does it gracefully.

Rose Quartz Necklace

We love that the Enneagram allows us to know the deep inner workings of the hearts of our friends. Rose Quartz encourages unconditional love, which is what our Enneagram 2 moms do so well, and need so much.

Wanted Candle

It’s a candle that speaks to the heart of our Enneagram 2’s gently reminding them how much who they are, and not what they do, matters to us. 

Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

An at home massage on demand is a slice of heaven on earth. In fact, if your mom has been carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders or feet, this needs to be waiting for her at home.

Loose Leaf Tea Sampler

What goes with a great book? A warm blanket and a hot tea.  Pair this loose leaf tea sampler with a book she’s been wanting for a gift that will comfort the heart of your mama. 

Personalized Puzzle

Puzzles are best done in the company of friends and family, but this one will piece together an image that’ll communicate how central mom is to the home. 

Embrace Necklace

“Feel the support of others” is the inspiration for this necklace. Specifically, supporting others who have battled, survived, or need to honor someone with a medical diseases this perfectly aligns with the heart of an Enneagram 2, and makes a wonderful and sentimental gift for a mama’s heart. 

Shopping for Mother’s Day gifts for an Enneagram 2 and being intentional about how we celebrate the women who raised us gave us all the warm fuzzies. Now we want to hear from you! Is your mom an Enneagram 2? What do you love most about her? What’s a special memory you have of her? Comment below to get the conversation started. 

Author: Bone+Marrow