Mother’s Day Gifts for an Enneagram 3

We’ve got just the inspiration you need to shop Mother’s Day gifts for an Enneagram 3 mom. We’ve grabbed our favorite products from our Christmas Gift list and Handmade Gift list plus added a few more extra special ideas to combine all our favorite Mother’s Day gifts for an Enneagram 3 mom.  

We love this list so much because it acknowledges the greatness of our Enneagram 3’s, and more than that, the uniqueness of the woman who raised us. We kept in mind how much Enneagram 3’s appreciate accomplishment and efficiency, but also value worth, and need to know their own. Whether you’re a dad shopping for mom or an adult looking to value your own mother, we are sure to have the thoughtful gift you’re looking for on our Mother’s Day gift list for an Enneagram 3. 

MA Shirt

It’s modern shirt that’s subtle and cool–just like our Enneagram 3 mamas.  

Belei Charcoal Mask

Remind mom she doesn’t have to wear a mask…unless it’s a charcoal face mask meant to revitalize her skin. *wink* Plus, she’ll love an opportunity to indulge in spa-quality products. 

Leather Laptop Case

Versatile to any outfit and most scenarios. Plus, this gorgeous leather laptop case is perfect for the working Enneagram 3 mom. 

Front and Center Necklace

The Front and Center Necklace is about putting YOUR cause front and center. Pick a cause mom would like to donate to, and achieve great things on behalf of medical research. 

Enough Candle

Send a message Enneagram 3’s moms long to hear and can be reminded of with each use. This candle, made by our friends at Continued Good, is a perfect and thoughtful handmade gift.

Leather Family
Passport Wallet

It’s functional and stylish. Carry all the family’s passports in one sleek leather passport wallet. 

The Perfect Pie

Your mom is the best, and she ought to know how to make the best pie. In fact, she probably already does, but why not encourage her greatness?

Harriet Tote Bag

Is this not the most beautiful leather tote? It blends in, but also adds value to every outfit, which is why we believed it was a great gift to include on the Enneagram 3 Mother’s Day gift list.  Plus, this tote provides 100 meals fighting hunger around the world. 

Ancestry Kit

Do you know who you are? Biologically speaking, of course. Gift your mom an Ancestry Kit and DNA test, and help her connect with her authentic identity.

Shopping for Mother’s Day gifts for an Enneagram 3, was refreshing and we are ready to get some sleek wrapping paper and a trendy card to delight the heart of an achieving mama.  Now we want to hear from you! Is your mom an Enneagram 3? What do you love most about her? Comment below to get the conversation started. 

Author: Bone+Marrow