Mother’s Day Gifts for an Enneagram 6

We have the sweetest Mother’s Day gifts for an Enneagram 6. We’ve curated our favorite products from our Christmas Gift list and Handmade Gifts list plus added a few more extra special ideas to combine all our favorite Mother’s Day gifts for an Enneagram 6 mom.  

We love this list so much because it acknowledges the fierce loyalty and depth of love for their tribes that our Enneagram 6’s demonstrate.  Plus, we are all about honoring the women who raised us. We kept in mind how much Enneagram 6’s are traditional, compassionate, witty, and bravely conquering every fear every single day. Whether you’re a dad shopping for mom or an adult looking to honor your own mother, we are sure to have the thoughtful gift you’re looking for on our Mother’s Day gift list for an Enneagram 6. 

Custom Recipe Towel

This custom recipe tea towel features your favorite handwritten recipe. The artisan of this Etsy shop says “The towel featured in the photographs is my mom’s pumpkin roll recipe. Since she passed away, I find comfort in her hand writing and sought out a way to have her handwriting in the kitchen with me.”  Perfect for the sentimental Enneagram 6 mama. 

Custom Portrait Painting

Take your favorite digital photo and turn it into a timeless watercolor portrait.  Mom will love the moment captured as a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Enneagram 6 Candle

Speak the message your Enneagram 6 mama longs to hear–that she are secure.  Remind her of this with each use. This candle, made by our friends at Continued Good, is a perfect and thoughtful handmade gift.

Unity Necklace

Family sticks together and fights for what’s important. That’s true of the Enneagram 6 and the Unity Necklace which was designed to symbolize the fight towards ending disease.  

Everything is Under Control Cookbook

Read her story, the highs and lows of adulthood, the falling in love, and the transition to motherhood, all from a dancer and chef out of 4 star kitchens in NYC.  Let mom experience the story while making the recipes. 

Hexagon Necklace

Oh we love when we find a piece that’s just so subtle and so right, and this 6-sided hexagon layering necklace hits the spot.  We love (LOVE) the Hamrick Avenue Ennea necklace collection, and this dainty gold necklace for the Enneagram 6 is one of our favorites.  See, know, and celebrate an Enneagram 6 for exactly who they are with this simple gold necklace. 

Family Throw Pillow

Document all the places your loved ones live, and keep them close in the comfort of your home with this custom family throw pillow. 

Our Family Traditions

Our Enneagram 6’s are the keepers of family traditions.  Record memories, traditions, and interview family members in this beautiful and classic family journal. Plus, enjoy activity prompts and document a family tree.  It’s a gift perfect for our traditional and family-oriented Enneagram 6 mamas.

Hexagon Jewelry Dish

Made of marbled concrete this tray keeps all the precious things safe. And making you feel safe is exactly what the Enneagram 6 mama has worked at…your whole life. 

Shopping for Mother’s Day gifts for an Enneagram 6 was like eating comfort food on a chilly day…it gave us all the warm fuzzies. We are ready to buy a thoughtful card and lovely wrapping paper to delight our moms with the goodies we’ve found.  Now we want to hear from you! Is your mom an Enneagram 6? Tell us what you love most about her? Comment below to get the conversation started. 

Author: Bone+Marrow