Mother’s Day Gifts for an Enneagram 8

We have a kickin list of Mother’s Day gifts for an Enneagram 8. We’ve curated our favorite products from our Christmas Gift list and Handmade Gifts list plus added a few more extra special ideas to combine all our favorite Mother’s Day gifts for an Enneagram 8 mom.  

We love this list so much because it acknowledges the Enneagram 8’s mountain-moving energy combined with the fierce protectiveness of their tribe.  Plus, we are all about honoring the women who raised us. We kept in mind how much Enneagram 8’s appreciate loyalty and generosity. Whether you’re a dad shopping for mom or an adult looking to honor your own mother, we are sure to have the thoughtful gift your looking for on our Mother’s Day gift list for an Enneagram 8. 

Custom Star Map

Having a baby is a big deal.  Some may consider it the best day of their life. Honor that moment for your Enneagram 8 mom with a custom star map of the dates her life was forever altered for the better. 

Run Slow Eat Fast Cookbook

Indulge and nourish your gut with recipes from Olympian Shalane Flanagan and Chef Elyse Kopecky. A perfect cookbook for high-energy, no-time, on-the-go Enneagram 8 mama.

Tough as a Mother T-Shirt

She doesn’t mess around, and you know it. While she might be the first to call you out, she’s also the first to come to your defense. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for you, and what a better way to honor that than with a playful t-shirt that declares it.

Building Block Earrings

You can help build a community that keep loved ones safe and healthy, much like an Enneagram 8 mom does daily, with these Revive Jewelry earrings that contribute to finding a cure for Alzheimers. 

Enneagram 8 Candle

Send a message Enneagram 8’s long to hear–that they are defended. Remind them of this with each use. This candle, made by our friends at Continued Good, is a perfect and thoughtful handmade gift.

Raw Diamond Necklace

Diamonds–in their rough and raw state. What could be a more dangerous and lovely combination? Perhaps only the Enneagram 8 mama who should be wearing it…

Billie Razor Subscription

Why not get mom a subscription for the perfect razor always delivered on time to her door.  She makes sure you have what you need; do the same for her. 

Woman on a Mission Necklace

Feed 25 people and declare that your Enneagram 8 mom is a woman on a mission–a mission to bring hope, fight injustice, and to protect the underdog with the purchase of this necklace.

Shower Steamers

Oh man blessing that shower at the start or end of the day is so good for the heart of a hard working justice seeker.  Help mom relax and regroup with these handmade shower steamers. 

We want all the things on our Mother’s Day gifts for an Enneagram 8, and we aren’t even Enneagram 8’s! We are ready to buy a thoughtful card and lovely wrapping paper to delight our moms with the goodies we’ve found. Now we want to hear from you! Is your mom an Enneagram 8? Tell us what you love most about her? Comment below to get the conversation started. 

Author: Bone+Marrow