Self-Care Practices for an Enneagram 2

With plenty of people feeling anxious, discouraged, and uninspired nowadays, we thought we’d explore self-care practices for an Enneagram 2.  It’s important for us to see, know, and celebrate each Enneagram type, and sometimes that means taking a time-out for a realignment.  We’ve done our homework, studied, and explored self-care practices for an Enneagram 2, and we are hopeful in sharing it with you today. Let’s get started.

Self Care Quote on Becoming

It is easy to get lulled into believing that self-care is simply “treating yourself,” but the truth is self-care requires your participation (which is why we call it a “practice”). Self-care is more than bubble baths, wine nights, exercise, or retail therapy.  While we love all of those things and have even curated some fun products and ideas that lend to those, but we believe that self-care is less about doing and more about BECOMING.  

As we researched self-care practices for each Enneagram type, it turns out that each needs their own version of self-care to discover freedom and find wholeness. 


It’s no secret the Enneagram type 2’s just want to love and be loved.  In fact, they are oftentimes called the helpers because they seek to earn that love through service to others.  This gives us insight into how Enneagram type 2’s manage the world around them.  Enneagram type 2’s avoid acknowledging their own needs by denying or rejecting them.  It is for this reason, the Sacred Enneagram describes the best way to self-care for an Enneagram 2 is to CONSENT to SOLITUDE.  

Enneagram 2: Consent to Solitude

What does it mean to “consent?” For an Enneagram type 2, it simply means to agree. Jim Baker reminds us that it’s in solitude that we become free from patterns that inhibit us from experiencing God.  For an Enneagram type 2, this will be an opportunity to discover your worth apart from serving others.  As you CONSENT to SOLITUDE as a self-care practice for an Enneagram 2, we’ve included a few products or gift ideas to encourage this spiritual discipline. These products in no way represent self-care; instead, they are merely prompts to encourage the practice unique to your type.

Wearable nail polish holder

Wearable Nail Polish Holder

It’s okay to serve yourself, but you can start small. Grab a wearable nail polish holder as a quiet (and practical) practice for caring for you. 

You are loved gift set

Grab the perfect gift box to share with an Enneagram 2 who *may* need permission to step away, and still feel loved in the process.

A year of connections

A Year of Connections

Write a card to a friend, and in your own personal self-care time, journal about the process, the motivation, and the reaction.

Enneagram 2 Candle

Send a message Enneagram 2’s long to hear–that they are wanted for who they are. Remind them of this with each use. This candle, made by our friends at Continued Good, is a perfect and thoughtful handmade gift.

Self Care Stickers

Care for yourself in this sweet and clever way–leave stickers as reminders throughout the day of what you know is true: you are absolutely wanted, loved, and desired.

How do you CONSENT to SOLITUDE as a self-care practice for an Enneagram 2?  We’d love to hear and share your ideas on what works for you. Tell us in the comments below.   

Author: Bone+Marrow