Six Handmade Gifts for an Enneagram 4

We’ve loved putting together Christmas gift ideas for an Enneagram 4. So, we thought we’d put together a smaller list of handmade gifts for our Enneagram 4 friends.  We love supporting small business owners, their dreams, and creativity for designing thoughtful products.  Knowing how much Enneagram 4’s appreciate creativity and uniqueness, we have a few gift ideas that will celebrate the beauty of any Enneagram 4 well. 

Small Talk Survivor Pin

It’s kinda snarky and somewhat true–especially when you’re the type that longs for depth. Plus it’s made out of a local jewelry and accessory shop based in Illinois. 

Enneagram 4 Candle

Send a message Enneagram 4’s long to hear and can be reminded of with each use. This candle, made by our friends at Continued Good, is a perfect and thoughtful handmade gift.

Constellation Star Map

Remember that romantic or special evening with a custom color star maps to admire how the stars aligned on that special night. Perfect for a Enneagram 4 who is past-oriented and enjoys lingering on the best parts of life. 

Wooden Sound Amplifier

Handmade with reclaimed wood, this beautifully designed sound amplifier is perfect for getting the most out of conversations or music played over a common phone. 

Pewter Measuring Spoons

Handcrafted by a Pewtersmith in Oregon, these measuring spoons are shaped like a guitar, banjo, ukulele, and mandolin.  This set is sure to be a unique addition to any Enneagram 4’s kitchen. 

Handpainted Leather Bracelet

Appreciate the artisan with this unique hand-painted leather bracelet that any Enneagram 4 would love and appreciate.  Walk into the production area of this Texas artisan and you’ll hear hammering on an anvil, the whirring of a grinding wheel, or the buzz of a flexible shaft drill all designing unique pieces that are sure to stand out. 

Shopping for six handmade gifts for an Enneagram 4 and being intentional about how we celebrate our romantic (individually of course) was a treasure hunt. Are you an Enneagram 4, or are you close with someone who is? What’s been your favorite handmade gift you’ve ever received? Comment below to get the conversation started. 

Author: Bone+Marrow