Six Handmade Gifts for an Enneagram 5

We’ve loved putting together Christmas gift ideas for an Enneagram 5. So, we thought we’d put together a smaller list of handmade gifts for our Enneagram 5 friends.  We love supporting small business owners, their dreams, and creativity for designing thoughtful products.  Knowing how much Enneagram 5’s appreciate knowledge and curiosity, we have a few gift ideas that will celebrate the eccentric nature of any Enneagram 5. 

Tumi Ishi Wood Rock Set

Part game, part beautiful conversation piece for a Enneagram 5’s living room, these handmade wooden balance blocks are great for boosting focus, and attention, and for promoting creativity–all strengths of a type 5.

Patent Prints

How was it built? How does it work? These patent prints are a great artistic and unique way to appreciate the way the mind of an Enneagram 5 works. Comes in a variety of different prints to customize to a specific interest. 

Enneagram 5 Candle

Send a message Enneagram 5’s long to hear–that they are valuable.  Remind them of this with each use. This candle, made by our friends at Continued Good, is a perfect and thoughtful handmade gift.

Library Checkout Dates Canvas Tote

Who remembers the days where library books came with a checkout card rather than a bar code? This throwback canvas tote is a perfect and thoughtful gift for the the past-oriented, but knowledge hungry, Enneagram 5.

Morse Code Bracelet

This Morse Code bracelet is completely customizeable.  It’s subtle and clever, and can be a visual reminder of a private message. 

Pentomino Puzzle

With a variety of solutions, this brightly colored hand made puzzle is perfect to challenge the brain of any Enneagram 5. Plus, it makes a great addition to a coffee table and a bridge for clever conversation. 

Shopping for six handmade gifts for an Enneagram 5 and being intentional about how we celebrate our investigative friends well was a challenge. Are you an Enneagram 5, or are you close with someone who is? What’s been your favorite handmade gift you’ve ever received? Comment below to get the conversation started. 

Author: Bone+Marrow