White Elephant Gift Ideas

It’s Christmas party season, and you know what that means…WHITE ELEPHANT gift exchanges (also known as Yankee Swaps or Swiping Secret Santas). Whatever you call the inevitable gift-exchange, we’ve got a few White Elephant gift ideas we’ve sorted based on what type of impression you want to make. Plus, all these gifts come in under $25 so you’re likely to stay within the prescribed budget, while still competing for being the person who brought the best gift. 

Funny Gifts

Maybe slightly inappropriate (depending on the type of event), but sure to get a laugh, here are a few funny White Elephant gift ideas. 

What could be more random than the gift of a beer belly fanny pack? Nothing. This is 100% going to be the most coveted gift in the land…or not.

Why buy an ordinary blanket when you could have a giant tortilla blanket? Bring the gift everyone wants to taco ’bout.  

If you miss the days of getting a star for every time you did something noteworthy, these “I adulted” stickers will stand in the gap bridging your childhood and reality.

You could relax and color beautiful geometric shapes or you could relax and color in an inappropriate outfit found at Walmart. You choose.   

Get the gift that will keep on giving–with a jingle when you tinkle. 

Office Gifts

Maybe it’s not a White Elephant gift exchange–maybe instead you have an office secret Santa.  Here are a few office gift ideas coming in under $25. 

It’s half plant and half art, and it’s a perfect way to add both to a boring ‘ole cubical. 

Never again accidentally sit on a pair of shades or crush them in a purse.  This clever stand gives your sunnies a place to rest when they’re not on a (real) face. 

For some, this may be a complement. For others, maybe not so much. Either way, the coffee or tea that goes inside is the best gift of them all.

Well, aren’t these sticky notes clever? Exactly what you need when the cell phone reminder, calendar ding, and Apple watch just aren’t getting the job done. 

OMG. Who doesn’t say or think it at least once a day? Make it a permanent feedback feature with a self-inking stamp.

Food Gifts

If you’re a foodie (or aspiring), but Williams and Sonoma is not within the White Elephant budget, we’ve added a few food-related gift ideas that may inspire you.  

Nothing will top a Triceratops Taco holder. Just stop here…no need to keep scrolling. This is the gift you’ve been looking for. 

Microwave safe healthy popcorn. The smell of freshly popped popcorn will either make you the most beloved or the most hated. 

No more soggy hot dog buns, no sir. Not with this hot dog toaster oven that NO ONE is guaranteed to already have. 

Skip the fast food lines and make your own breakfast sammich in the time it would take to navigate the drive through line. 

A crepe maker. A fancy gift for when you want to step up your cooking game. All that’s missing is a view of the Eiffel Tower. 

Practical Gifts

Can’t stand the idea of wasting money on stuff no one needs or wants? Here are a few practical gift ideas for that next gift exchange. 

A portable diffuser will go along way in changing the environment of a hotel room, cubicle, or even the commute to work. 

This heated car blanket is sure to be a gift that everyone wants, but no one knew they needed. It’s great for traveling, tailgating, or camping.

Are they clean or are they dirty? Who hasn’t asked that question about the dishes in the dishwasher?! This handy magnet sticks to the front of the dishwasher clearly communicating the answer. 

New Year’s resolutions are nearly upon us, and if getting healthy is on the list, then a fruit-infused water bottle is a fun companion for the journey.

Never lose your car keys again! Attach the Tile ring to any beloved or necessary item for an instant ability to track down its exact location.

Christmas Themed Gifts

Finally, if you’re completely inspired by the holidays, and Buddy the Elf is your spirit animal, here are a few White Elephant gift ideas for you. 

Does a Christmas Tree Plunger even need an explanation? I think not. 

Don’t bake Christmas cookies or other holiday treats in any ‘ole boring apron. Put on an elf apron and embrace the magic of the season. 

Facts. For the no nonsense gift giver. 

It sparkles and morphs into Nicholas Cage (or a variety of other memes). Plus it’s a stocking with the hope of being filled with much better goodies. 

If you know, you know. And if you buy it, you might end up on Santa’s naughty list. 

It’s not too late to Amazon Prime some of these goodies for any remaining holiday parties.  We’d love to hear your best or worst ever White Elephant Gift ideas. Leave us a comment below. 

Author: Bone+Marrow

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