Hi friends,

We are Amanda and Bethany.  We’ve been journeying life together for at least 35 “friendship years,” but probably closer to 12 or 13 actual years.  We’ve done a lot of crazy adventures together–like getting caught in a thunderstorm while rafting down a river, sorta hiking the Hollywood Hills, getting trapped on a 8 turned 16 hour train ride in India, and wandering Rome lost with a dead cell phone… just to name a few.

These crazy adventures (and how we’ve managed them) are really built on our ordinary, everyday conversations where you’re likely to find us commentating on our own personality quirks and deep motivations all while trying to understand the “why” behind the “what.”  We’ve found personality tools like Gary Smally’s  simple personality evaluation all the way to the complexity of the Enneagram (and several others) has given us language to understand ourselves and each other better.  Plus, the freedom to be our messy, in-progress, selves has also given us plenty of room to change and grow. 

As the curators for Bone+Marrow Market, we genuinely seek to create a space to give you the freedom to discover who you were created to be–and maybe encourage a friend or two along the way. 



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